How to add computer in network domain, workgroup

A domain name show computers connected in a network and which can readily access the PC to which those computers are assigned in the same domain. You can add computer(s) to a domain of a network by changing the Workgroup/Domain settings in Windows 7 PC. Change computer name / domain in

Find Internet Protocol IP version in Windows 7

Ever wondered which version of Internet protocol is your Windows 7 running on the system? By default, we use IPv4 but now IPv6 has been introduced to meet ever increasing demand of IP addresses. You can easily find which version of Internet Protocol IPv4 or IPv6 version is being used by

Connect & transfer data between 2 computers via USB

Connecting 2 computers can be confusing and time draining procedure for majority of PC users. We have already seen procedure to connect 2 PCs using cross over cable. Making things dead simple and super easy is connection of 2 PCs using USB connectivity. USB Go link cable allows you to

View network routes, destination, MAC & IP address

Do you want to see details of network routes working on your computer? Free portable tool "Net Route View" provide easy user interface to view such information. It display list of all routes of your current network setup including finer details of different aspects like: destination, mask,

See Network Adapters & their type, Mac address

Do you want to see detailed information of Network adapters on the computer? Ideally, couple of steps and commands are required to see Network adapter details. "Network Info" free utility makes this all easy to view Network adapters details like type, Mac address and much more. Network

Ping remote hosts automatically to check connections

In a networked enviroment it is important for every connection to work all the time. Besides live connections, administrator should be quick in checking lost connections in order to re-connect without delay. noPing Inspector application can come hand in checking for connections by pinging

Change MAC address of any Network adpater

MAC address represents unique identity of your network adapter over a network. There are times we need to change the MAC address of specific networking adapter on the computer. AnalogX application comes handy in changing MAC address in few clicks using simple interface. Related - See

Send messages on local intranet network, Hey Joe!

If you work on computer connected to local intranet network then Hey Joe utility can make conversation like breeze. This utility allows you to send messages over local networks and intranet. There are number of basic features like auto responders for incoming messages, session logging and