Rearrange & sort buttons on Windows taskbar

Most of us are in habit of opening favorite website and application windows in specific order. Sometimes we close a window and re-opening show its button in different position / location on the taskbar. From here on, either we have to work with new position of buttons or close all windows

Disable close of app window & pin to system tray

Do you have any application window that should not be closed? Also, you do not want it to be minimized on task bar to prevent viewing or closure of that application window by other users. TrayTask is a simple utility that cleans up your taskbar and pins any app window from taskbar to

Find and remove similar duplicate Mp3 music files

Do you have lot of mp3 files hogging hard drive space big time? We tend to dump lot of similar files spread across different folders and drives - downloaded at different times of using computer. Similarity is a small (and free) application that can quickly search and help remove similar /

Keyboard Shortcuts of Top software at one place

We have covered Keyboard shortcuts of number of application software including: Google Chrome, Windows XP, Google Reader, Gmail, Wordpress, Yahoo Messenger and much more.  How about accessing Keyboard shortcuts of top application software at one place? Welcome to Shortcut World, it has

Unclutter twitter a/c – tidy up followers & following

Twitter is a simple web application but it can easily become complex if you got huge number of Twitter follower and following users. Next Unclutterer, a simple and clever online tool can help you in quickly cleaning of the mess in your Twitter account. Cleaning process is based on certain

Post updates to multiple social sites from Hello.txt

Each of us has number of user accounts at different social websites. Updating and managing each of them can take lot of time and effort. Just like web service - Hellotxt allows you to keep status updated on multiple social websites. It supports number of popular social networking

Make your monitor StickyScreen & never forget a thing

There are few things, that are really important and should be done at a specific point of time. Each of us have different way of remembering them. While some make to-do lists (like damn simple todo listing with NowDoThis) and some prefer Sticky notes. We scribble on a yellowish paper

‘WorkSmart’ remind you Breaks while on computer

Are you too engrossed while working on computer? This may have resulted in break schedule going haywire. 'WorkSmart' a cool utility that reminds you for taking breaks, as you work on computer. This cute utility sits on system tray and reminds to go 'for lunch' or 'head to home'. Menu

Organize your day with Portable Information Manager

Want to organize your busy day without much fuss and frills? EssentialPIM is a cool portable (& desktop) appointment and information manager. It is like Outlook without the email function. It is a visual way to organize your daily tasks and routine on your computer. You can play

NowDoThis: Damn Easy way to Organize your day

There are number of web based todo services that provide loads of features and information to stress you out. NowDoThis is most simple ToDo list manager that allows you to track todo tasks and nothing else. No registration or email ID is required. It does not even show colorful graphs