How to use Gmail filters to organize emails

Gmail has cool feature of filters allowing better management of incoming email messages. You can create filter for different type of parameters for incoming email messages. With filter activated, email messages based on filter rules and settings are automatically sent in specific folder.

Pin tabs in Chrome & shrink to favicon only

If you tend to open lot of tabs in single Google Chrome window (like many of us do), then use 'pin tab' feature for neat and un-cluttered web browsing. After pinning tab(s) in Google Chrome each tab will only show favicon image. The text part and close button is removed from tab for neater

Portable Note taking software with tags & priority

Are you looking for simple portable Note taking software? CloudPad program should fit the requirement with its feature laden yet easy interface. It allows you to store notes with enhanced options of adding tags and priority settings. Being portable, you can carry this software anywhere in

Drag drop to arrange, hide buttons on Taskbar

Taskbar contents on Windows are very strict with limited movement. Using Taskbar Ext utility, you can arrange and manage taskbar with simple drag drop routine. You can easily drag buttons to arrange them at specific required position. To get started: download, unzip and double click to

Create & Share collection of Google books [bookshelf]

Google Books ( has huge listing of books of different topics and categories. It has easy to use "bookshelf" feature that allows quick organizing and sharing of collection of books. You can create multiple bookshelfs as per requirement and share your bookshelfs with online

How to Sort & Organize folders on Windows

Folders are integral part of Windows operating system with each folder containing different type of files. Due to large number of folders, managing and organizing them for sure is a big task. However, there are Windows features and additional utilities that allow quick and easy management

Add or Remove Java icon on system tray

Do you want to display Java icon on the system tray on your computer? On the contrary, do you want to clean up icon clutter on the system tray and remove Java icon from there. In either case, you can easily add or remove Java icon on the system tray on your computer in few simple

Find & Delete files older than specified number of days

Over period of time, we tend to accumulate lot of file that may not be required now. One easy way to clean files junk is by deleting old files. "Clean Drive" is a handy utility that allows searching of files older than specified number of days. You can selectively delete older files and

Delete Program List items with Start Menu Cleaner

[For XP, 2000, 98] Is your Programs list menu full of useless items clutter? One way to reduce this clutter is manual deletion of un-wanted items from the program list. But this can be a time consuming and boring process. Start Menu Cleaner utility makes it all easy and quick in cleaning

Clean System tray notification area of past items

Over a period of time, system tray notification area can become cluttered. While some items (icons) are visible, there are lot of hidden items at the system tray notification area. The Tray Cleaner is a portable and small utility to clean up mess of item on the System tray notification

Firefox Addon Collection groups – create & share

Firefox web browser has huge list of plugins to extend its functionality and features as per requirement. Mozilla has finally done some cleaning up in the way Firefox addons are listed in Addons directory. Besides revamping the addon site into neatly categorized directory, it has launched

Filter Yahoo Mail inbox by contacts & connections

Yahoo Mail has added 2 new filters that can come real handy in managing email overload. Now you can filter emails in your Yahoo inbox by contacts and connections. For starters, contacts will display email messages from people you have manually added to your Yahoo Mail contact list.