Print Fonts on computer for easy reference

We tend to install number of fonts over a period of time nd hence computer could be loaded with lot of favorite fonts. Managing and selecting among lot of fonts is not easy. "Print My Fonts" is an interesting and very useful program for dealing with loads of fonts. It allows you to

Print any webpage neatly: bookmarklet removes unwanted text, images, formatting

Besides the main content, evey webpage consists of other elements like advertisements, images, formatted tables, columns and much more. Printing webpage in original format does not produce result for easy reading. Also, it leads to unnecessary wastage of printer ink and paper.

Download EcoFont – free font consume 20% less printer ink!

There is lot of stuff in office and home - office environment which should be printed like daily emails, internal reports etc. Since such printed documents are for internal circulation and may not need "hi-fi" formatted printing, how about saving some ink while printing these

Print selected part of Email message in Outlook 2007

We can easily print selected part of any email message in Outlook 2003. However, this feature is missing in Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 Essential Addon brings back this feature in Outlook 2007. After the install, right click on any email message and then click on Outlook Essential Mail

Print preview Google Docs before actual print

Google Docs get a new 'print preview' feature. You may not be printing off every Google Docs file but this feature for sure will come handy if you intend to print atleast few of your Google Docs files. To access this feature click on File > Print preview. As seen in image above,

Print & share Facebook Photos as album, HotPrints

Facebook is one cool place to hang out and interact with friends. We tend to upload and share loads of photos using Facebook account. How about surprising your friends with actual photo prints delievered in their mail boxes (not email)? HotPrints Facebook Apps promises to do same at a

View & print details of Hardware & software on PC

A computer has loads of installed software and hardware at any given time. WinAudit is a cool free software, that tells you about all software and hardware on the computer. After download, install - click on the scan button. After the scan, you will be presented with details of

Free Screen Capture software, get easy with Hardcopy

Hardcopy is a free and very effective software to capture and save screenshots in Windows. Using this you can capture and save current window or whole window. After the capture, you can perform basic editing operations like image snipping, color changes and much more. It also allows you

Print pre-designed CD / DVD covers with UnderCoverXP

UnderCoverXP is a cool program to print pre-designed CD and DVD covers with ease. It supports number of cover labels and cover types with option to create custom size labels. It can automatically scale front covers, back covers, front + inside, inlays, DVD Boxes, Playstation covers and