Reset Google Chrome to default settings

You can customize Google Chrome settings like change history deletion days, turn off suggestion bar, change download folder, enable pop-ups and lots more. Sometimes you may want to revert back to default Google Chrome settings and start afresh. For this you can use Reset feature in Google

Reset Firefox to default state to fix problems

Over period of time lot of problems can emerge like slowness, crashing, unwanted toolbars while using web browser. Instead of complex troubleshooting steps, one can easily fix such issues by resetting web browser to factory default settings. Besides ability to reset Google Chrome to

Delete & reset thumbnail image cache on Windows 7

Thumbnail images are small preview images displayed for actual images and applications on Windows 7 PC. Sometimes, even after modifying actual image - Windows 7 still display old thumbnail image in the preview. This happens when thumbnail image does not refresh in the cache database. You

Restore original default theme in Google Chrome

You can give a new look to Google Chrome browser by installing different themes. If you have installed Google Chrome theme and does it not look good - you can easily revert back to original default theme in Chrome browser. From Google Chrome options, you can change the newly installed

Best & simple Facebook Privacy settings

Facebook had lot of attention due to 'not so private' privacy controls in recent times. It has now rolled out new interface to manage Privacy Settings of your Facebook profile. Newer interface allows easy viewing of which part of the profile is being shared with which group of Facebook

Auto reset Facebook privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’

Facebook keeps changing privacy settings after every few days. With huge list of existing privacy settings, configuring them wastes lot of time of an average Facebook user. As a result, many Facebook users tend to ignore them and do not bother to configure privacy settings. Now you can

How to reset Internet Explorer settings

Is Internet Explorer crashing or causing errors while browsing websites? Besides disabling IE addons to check on such issues, you can also reset Internet Explorer settings. Reset allows you to revert user customized settings to default settings, delete internet history and also disable all

How to turn on, off & reset iPad device

Know the basics of using your new iPad through proper turn ON and OFF routine. Like any other electronic device, proper turning ON and OFF keep it in a good functioning state. Incase your iPad is stuck and does not respond - you can reset the iPad to start afresh. Here are few basics of