Schedule post on Facebook page for future & past dates

Facebook pages feature is used by number of Facebook users for promoting specific brand, celebrity, website, blog or online journal. Till now, you could only post real time updates on Facebook page. Now using new scheduling feature for Facebook pages, you can draft post updates and

Latest Fifa World Cup 2010 updates on Google

Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa is biggest sporting event in coming weeks. Majority of web users want to stay updated on latest on World cup. With so much happening, Google is offering latest updates in minimalistic manner. You catch upcoming match schedule along with respective

Download FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule PDF

2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa will kick off in coming days. This for sure is biggest sporting event in the world. With so many teams and matches, tracking matches of your interest is not an easy task. Download PDF file of schedule of matches of the whole tournament and never miss

Schedule tweet updates from desktop on Tweedeck

Till now we have seen number of online tools like Future Tweetsthat allow scheduling of Twitter updates. Now you can schedule Twitter updates from the desktop using new feature laden Tweetdeck client. In few simple clicks you can add number of scheduled tweets to be sent at different times

Schedule boot time startup Virus Scan with Avast

You can setup boot time scan to allow scanning for viruses at PC startup (when computer is swtiched ON). Free anti-virus software 'Avast' has this feature of Boot Time Scan. It scans your PC before the malware or virus is activated, hence cleaning the system before the system is acutally

Automatically restart, turnoff inactive & idle computer

Ideally, a PC can hibernate with monitor display turned off when there is no activity on computer for long time. If you are running a business with lot of PCs, every computer must be restarted at some point of time to refresh and apply software updates. Best time to restart computer is

Schedule shutdown, standby, hibernation of Windows PC

Ideally, we goto start and then click to shutdown (or logoff, standby, hibernate) Windows computer. Do you want to schedule and automatically turn off computer without having to click any button on Windows? There are number of utilities that allow scheduling of automatic shutdown, standby

Schedule your Twitter messages with Future Tweets

Twitter is a nice way to share updates with friends instantaneously. You can little spice to your Twitter experience by scheduling Twitter messages to be delivered at a later time. FutureTweet is a free web service that allows you to send Tweets at a specific time in the future or send