Watch DailyMotion videos without Flash in Firefox

Majority of online videos are flash based and many users get bugged with message saying "no flash player installed'. Well, requirement of Adobe Flash plugin to watch online videos could soon be history. Dailymotion video sharing website has launched special section where you can watch

Hulu Desktop version, videos outside web browser

Hulu is a very popular video website showcasing top TV shows and movies. However, Hulu video viewing is only available in USA (users in other parts of the world can only view it after applying geo-location hacks). Anyway, if you are Hulu viewer in United States - here is good news in the

Watch multiple Youtube videos in 3D cube

YouCube offer an interesting way to see multiple Youtube videos in the form of interactive 3D cube. You can load upto 6 Youtube videos each playing on either side of the cube. Click on the buttons on the left side and enter specific Youtube video URL. Related - Youtube Game: 30

Link to any part of Youtube Video start time

Youtube videos are generally short and crisp. However, there are times when you want to share only small part of long Youtube video. There is an easy hack whick allows you to link and share specific part of Youtube. This is based on start time (on the timeline) from the point you want

Watch videos In-sync mode in Yahoo Messenger

Ideally we can share and watch Youtube videos while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger. Zync plug-in adds new dimension to watching videos in Yahoo Messenger. It allows you and your friends to watch videos in perfect sync. With this plugin installed, paste video link in IM chat

Explore Flickr Videos with Flickr Clock timeline

Flickr Videos is now open to all member with HD video option for Pro Flickr users. Expect to see lot of users uploading lot of videos on Flickr. How about checking out interesting videos on Flickr using Flickr clock? It has bar image preview of videos on a timeline. You can click on

Watch videos from India on Tubaah, hulu indian style?

NDTV (New Delhi Television) has quietly launched a new video website 'Tubaah' with loads of video content. For starters, its not a Youtube clone or website craving for user uploaded content. You can register and track favorite video but NO user can upload videos on this website. Being

Official WP Help & How-to Videos at WordPress.TV

Wordpress blogging platform keeps getting better. Their recent makeover was appreciated by one and all. If you are starting off with Wordpress and finding it difficult to get through basic things - don't worry and head over to website. It is a new official Wordpress website

Cannot hear music audio on Youtube video ?

Many users surfing Youtube videos might be looking for answer to this questions - Why cant I hear music audio on this Youtube music video? Well, this is new Youtube's quiet way to address copyright issue for content being uploaded on Youtube. Say you created a fan video containing few

Google Reader Howto Help Videos on Youtube

Google Reader is one cool web service to gulp loads of information in least amount of time. It is an online RSS Reader which is easy and very use-friendly. After you understand the concept of RSS and test drive Google Reader - you can realize true value of an RSS reader like Google

Windows7 Whats New & Cool official Videos, checkout

Microsoft is all pumped for its new operating system 'Windows7'. You can download and test drive Windows7 beta after Jan 09, 2009 from Microsoft website. Official Window7 page on Microsoft website has loads of information about Window7 features and whats new. It has cool videos

Watch Youtube Videos on your desktop

Google has launched new gadget for Google Desktop users. For starters, Google desktop is a download-able free software from Google to access and interface with various Google services from your desktop. Youtube Gadget for Google desktop makes Youtube video viewing experience easy and