Search & watch HD High Definition Youtube Videos

Youtube is just getting better and better. Recently, it went widescreen and new customizing feature to embed widescreen videos was introduced. Now, Youtube is all set for HD (High Definition) video content. There are already number of HD videos available on Youtube. HOW TO SEARCH &

Watch related videos to ‘now playing’ song in Winamp

Winamp music player users will love this feature - how about playing video related to 'now playing mp3 songs in your Winamp player? MiniTube is a Winamp plugin that brings best of Videos while you listen to favorite songs. This plugins makes winamp a multimedia power house and makes

How to embed Youtube Videos in Widescreen format ?

Youtube Videos have gone widescreen and Stereo HQ. If you use the usual embed code, a widescreen video will appear in default size and not widescreen. However, now Youtube offer lot of customization options 'size-wise' to embed Youtube videos. To get started look for a small wheel icon

Youtube gets Stereo HQ Resolution Videos, awesome !

Buzz of Youtube getting more and more HQ (high quality) version of videos has been ON for a while now. We have already seen procedure to view high quality videos by configuring settings in the Youtube account. Till now, we have seen Youtube videos with mono resolution 320x180.

Watch Full length Movies on Youtube, Very Soon !

Buzz of 'full length' feature films on Youtube is getting stronger by the day. Cnet has given insider details and you could be seeing full length feature films on Youtube in next 30 - 90days. With reach and mass appeal of Youtube, full length video content will make Youtube one killer

AvaCam Capture Stills from Webcam, Easy & Simple

AvaCam is a handy application to get more out of your webcam with relative ease. It is a full featured WebCam tool to view your WebCam(s) or whatever video device connected to your computer. It has easy to use interface to view and manipulate video captured by your webcam. It allows you

Make Youtube Videos Load Faster & Smoother

Are Youtube Videos loading very slowly with lot of 'hiccups' on your computer? SpeedBit Video Accelerator can help fix this issue and result in smooth Youtube viewing. It makes videos from YouTube ( & over 100 sites)

Put your Face on Super Hero Video, Pic-Video FUN !

There are lot of interesting web apps to mashup images or mashup videos like put your face on any body or Alien face with Monjee. 'Make Me Super!' is another interesting web app that allows you to create cool mashup of your face pic with super hero video. To get started, select

Download Nero 9 to Create, Rip, Burn, Backup & more

Nero has been personal favorite to burn media with outmost ease. New version of Nero is available for download and test drive. It allows you to create, rip, copy, burn, edit,

How To Videos, 15 Great Places to Explore & Learn

Sometime simplest of tasks like 'how to knot' can be difficult to scrap through. Be it computer or daily life - here are 15 great resources with loads of 'how-to' videos to explore and learn new way of doing things. 1. Oodlebox TV - Get oodles of 'How-to' videos on this website. It is a

Watched Online Video? Now Save it via Browser Cache

If you love watching lot of online videos, then you will for sure shower more love on this free little app VideoCacheView. After online video session, you can save those videos on your computer without downloading them. Without downloading them? Yeah, because videos were already

Youtube Olympics Channel Go Online with lot of Videos

As reported earlier, Youtube has struck deal with IOC to showcase Olympics videos. Official Youtube Olympics Channel has gone online with loads of videos. Relief is, all videos are NOT stacked in one