How to translate blog or website in any language

On internet there are no country boundaries. Even language barriers are blurred thanks to language translation services. With lot of good quality content available in English and other specific languages - translation is a must for non-English users in order to access and understand that

Best websites to download Old version software

"New is not always better", this does apply at-least to few software programs which we use on regular basis.  As such, new versions of application software are released with more features and enhanced functionality. There are times, we need to grab old version of our favorite software as a

How to publish PDF document online as flash flip ebook

Reading ebooks online without need of downloading content makes whole reading experience quick and easy. One can browse through collection of interesting books and start reading books online within web browser without need to install or download anything. For a publisher, converting and

Create website Sitemap with online tools, software & plugins

Sitemap, as the name suggests, is a map of a website so that search engines can locate and index website content with ease. It is a page or file that contains listing of your website pages. Sitemap is an important requirement in the process of submitting your website to Google or Yahoo.

Make free Family Tree online with photos

More and more families are getting divided to become nuclear families. But that does not mean all love is lost. In today's materialistic world we can still keep relations alive, if one desire so. One handy way to stay in touch with your extended family is through Family Tree reference. One

Create Microsoft Office files online without software install

For majority of users, Microsoft Office software is the default way to create different type of Office files like: Word Documents, Excel WorkBook, PowerPoint Presentations and OneNote Notebooks. Microsoft also offer similar functionality of Office software in the form of online

Free Photo Collage making online tools & software

Collage is a fun and creative way to showcase your personal and professional photos. With so many photos shared on social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter - photo collage is an interesting way to grab attention. Also, with better camera in

Photo Collage maker with PSD file output feature

Do you want to create Photo Collage and export it in Adobe Photoshop as PSD format file? Users familiar with Adobe Photoshop will love this method of creating highly customized photo collages. This saves time, as actually photo collage making is done in special photo collage maker software

How to use Vine for creating short videos

Vine videos are getting popular on the internet. Vine service is supported by Twitter that allows you to create short looping videos. You can make short videos of 6 seconds or less with sound using Vine App. Just like short text updates on Twitter or static photo updates on Instagram, Vine

How to write Blog in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil

English language dominate majority content on the internet. However, with spread of the internet: non-English speaking users are creating content in their native language on the internet. Now anyone can blog in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian languages using 'easy to use'

How to enlarge Image size without loss of quality

While enlarging image size, there is problem of visible quality loss. We are always looking for ways to minimize this loss of quality while we increase image size. There is no standard method or tool recommended for enlarging image size without loss of quality. However, there are few free

How to filter RSS Feed to read only specific content

Popular blogs and websites churn out lot of content on daily basis. All the published content may not appeal to every users, for example: large blogs like Mashable, Gizmodo publish stories on various topics, gadgets, electronics. Subscribing to RSS feed of such blog can clog your feed