Show off your followers & Track them in Blogger NOW

Blogger is spilling new features every now and then. In an effort to make Blogger platform more engaging and social here comes new feature 'following'. This feature is very useful in tracking: Which and how many readers enjoy reading your blog. Stay updated with your favorite

Blogger Introduce Reactions for Instant user feedback

Blogger team is on the roll introducing new cool features every now and then. After embeddable comment form, star rating feature here comes 'Reactions'. With 'reactions', you can get one click feedback

Add iGoogle Gadgets to Spice up your Blogger Blog

Option to add iGoogle Gadgets to Blogger blog has gone live on all layout blogs. Besides the 'Basic' options (like adding feed, header, html/javascript, video bar etc), now you can add any of the other available iGoogle Gadget. They are neatly categorized as news, tools, communication,

How to embed Comment Form in Blogger Blog?

Blogger blogging platform is getting better and better. With more refined features, Blogger is appealing to wider audience. Much demanded, expected feature of embedded comment form has been live for a while. While it only involves few clicks to get going

How to Remove ‘Subscribe to Post’ link in Blogger?

"Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" link is added to each page on a blogger blog. This link is not of much use and most blogger would like to take it off. Here goes a quick tip in Blogger series after we have covered Blogger Sitemap, change template and compress CSS code. This link is

Speed Up Blog by Compressing CSS Code, Real Easy!

CSS Code of a blog hold design attributes (like font color, column size, background color etc) of various parts of blog. Compressing this code can result in faster blog and little saving in bandwidth. With so make theme and template designers out there, everyone has own style of coding

How to Change or install new Template in Blogger?

Most of new bloggers start their blogging journey with Blogger (one click publishing platform). Blogger is really easy and resourceful to get your blog started up and running in no time. However, being a newbie even simple task of changing or installing new template in blogger can be