Make new photos look old

Do you want to make new photos look old and vintage? There are number of tools to easily add old look to lastest and new photos. You can remove color from photos to render old vintage look. You can also give old look to photos retaining color using either of following procedure. You can

Change background theme color on Windows phone

You can customize look of your Windows phone with favorite color theme. Select either of dark or light background theme as per your liking. You can also select favorite accent colour out of 10 different colors like magenta, purple, teal, lime, brown, pink, orange, blue, red, green. After

Invert iPad display colors & make it white on Black

Are you bored of usual glossy, bright and white display of your Apple iPad? You can have some fun with iPad display and make it little darker using invert color feature. It allows you to revert to 'white on black' display from default 'black on white' display. Display will become darker

Customize iPad body case color with ColorWare

Don't like the standard sliver gray colored Apple iPad? Well, you can get customized iPad with color of choice in few simple clicks at ColorWare. You can customize every part of iPad's outer body with colors that you like. It allows you to customize the color of body, button, and even the

Change Facebook colors look: Firefox, Greasemonkey

Are you bored with the blue and white tone of Facebook and looking for refreshing change? You can easily change color of your Facebook profile interface and there is no need to install any theme for this change. This change can be implemented within Firefox browser using an GreaseMonkey

Convert RGB to BGR color code

In the backend different colors are represented using unique color codes like #FFFFFF for white, #000000 for black and so on. Generally, color codes are used in RGB (Red Green Blue) format. However, at times we need to express same color code in BGR format. RGB 2 BGR converter makes this

Adjust Color, brightness & Gamma of digital camera photos

Many of us use digital cameras to capture personal moments at different times. There is constant issue with digital photos like shadow looking too heavy, grass in image look dark instead of green, overall image is little darker than natural tones. ColorCastFX is a free and small program

Color converter for RAL, RGB & HEX codes information

Each color can be identified in different terms or formats when used in web applications or projects. For example: white color can also be displayed using code (#FFFFFF). Similarly, every color has specific and unique color name, RAL, RGB and HEX value. HEXelon RAL Konwerter is a

Google Image Search, photo color filter search

Say you are searching for images of 'flowers' but only yellow flowers using Google Image search. We have already seen manual URL hack to search specific color images. Google has now added this feature officially can be accessed using color selection box. As seen in image below, you can

Find specific color images using Google Image search

Image searching using Google search is as easy as searching for web content. Say you want images of bird - just goto Google Image search, enter keyword bird and hit the enter key to see bird photos. How about searching for bird photos of specific color? Say, I want to search for blue bird

Add or remove color in photos for a classic look

Playing with colors in photo isnt easy if working in 'Photoshop' is not your cup of tea. No worries, Tint Photo Editor is a small free software that allows you to play and manipulate colors in any photo in few simple mouse clicks. To get started, select any photo of your choice and

Grab BlackBerry Bold in Color you want at ColorWave

ColorWave is nice place to customize color of different part of popular gadgets and then custom order them right away. We have already seen iPhone 3G color customization at Colorwave and here comes same for Blackberry Bold.