How to see latest Chrome bookmarks date wise

Google Chrome's Bookmarks feature is very basic allowing you to view (default order), import or export bookmarked links. If you happen to bookmarks lot of links and organize them in different folders - you may want to see latest or recently added bookmarks in Google Chrome. By default,

Change wrong Google Chrome language back to English

Are you stuck with wrong language settings in Google Chrome browser? With user interface like display menus and options showing in unknown (wrong) language, it can be very difficult to revert back to default English language setting. Since Google Chrome supports number of display languages

Change Google Chrome language of user interface

Do you want to use Google Chrome in a different language? Google Chrome supports number of display languages allowing browser use in language of your choice. For this, you need to change language settings of Google Chrome. You can select and add new language in Google Chrome browser

How to add new user profiles in Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to create and manage multiple user profiles, each with custom settings. If you are sharing your computer with friends and family members, creating seperate user profile for each will provide more personalized experience. Each user can set custom settings, bookmarks

How to download Google Chrome on iPad & iPhone

Safari is the default browser on Apple device like iPad and iPhone. If you do not like it,  you always switch from using Safari to Google Chrome for internet surfing on iPad, iPhone iOS devices. Google Chrome is available as free download in the Apple App Store. Any iOS user can download

How to use Chrome as single website browser

Do you want to create a web browser window that allow browsing of only one website? This is can be easily done in Google Chrome browser using in-built "Create Application Shortcuts" feature. You can create application shortcut for specific website like within Google Chrome

How to remove isearch avg from Google Chrome

Is your Google Chrome browser showing instead of default Google Search? This can be very irritating as it obstructs the normal flow of using Google search engine in Chrome browser. This change mostly happens when you install an AVG security product and unknowingly give

How to enable Spelling check in Google Chrome

Correct spellings are very important specially while filling online forms. Google Chrome users can enable automatic spell checker for fixing incorrect spellings quickly. Once Google Chrome's spellings check feature is activated, it will highlight wrong spellings which can be corrected in

Find Google Chrome version information installed on PC

Google Chrome is a free web browser software program from Google. Any Windows, Mac or Linux user can download it from website and install Google Chrome on their computer systems to surf internet websites. Google often updates Chrome browser with bug fixes and adds new

How to use Google Chrome & Firefox as Notepad

Notepad provide an ideal neat layout for typing out thoughts without any distractions. If you live in the web browser, why open notepad application on Windows. You can easily convert your web browser into notepad without installing any plugin software. Modern web browsers like: Google

How to auto update Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome introduced extensions allowing users to add more functionality by installing different Chrome extension like to see latest cricket scores, check webpage page rank and much more. If you happen to install lot of Chrome extensions, make sure you update those extensions using

Get back viewing Instagram photos on Twitter

Instagram has stopped support for inline display of instagram photos on Twitter timelime. Are you missing easy integrated display of instagram photos shared on Twitter pages? Previously, instagram images appeared in Twitter cards making it very easy to view and share further. Now, only