How to view full webpage title in Google Chrome

Title of webpage opened in Google Chrome tab is not fully visible specially when lot of tabs are opened. While tabbed interface of Google Chrome bring ease of opening multiple websites in different tabs within same Google Chrome window, it adds limitation of not able to view complete

‘Save to Drive’ option to send files & images to Google Drive

Google Drive is a free online file storage space provided by Google. Anyone with Gmail or Google account can setup Google Drive on Windows and then easily upload files to Google Drive storage. For better and quicker usage of Google Drive storage space we have already seen lot of

Restore & add background image to Google homepage

Following Bing footsteps, Google added backgroud image feature to google website homepage. This features allow users to upload and display any custom image as background on Google website. Unfortunately, Google has retired this feature and now users cannot add background image to Google

How to enable ‘Do Not Track’ in Google Chrome & Firefox

Lot of websites track webpages you visit to display customized advertisements and content suggestions. To check on this system of tracking online user activity, 'Do Not Track' support was introduced. Now 'Do Not Track'  is an integrated feature within popular web browsers like Google

How to save webpage as PDF file in Google Chrome

Do you want to save specific webpage for safe keeping and reading in future? While there are many ways and formats you can save online content found on webpages, PDF is considered most efficient format as it allows you to preserve actual formatting of text, images and other content

Change browser user agent in IE, Chrome, Firefox

Websites identify web browser through user agent settings. If you change user agent, then a website may take it as different web browser while you may be using same web browser. Modern web browsers have in-built feature to change user agent settings. Popular web browsers like: Internet

View & stop Background Apps in Google Chrome

Few Chrome applications keep running in the background even when Google Chrome browser is closed. Apps running in the background and their activites are invisble to the user in the front end. For example: Mail app keep checking for new emails even when Google Chrome is closed, so that you

Save all opened websites URLs in Chrome & Firefox

We often open and browse multiple websites at any given time. With tabbed interface, browsing multiple websites in a single browser window is easy and it saves time. Sometimes while browsing, you may need to attend to an offline task urgently. Immediately closing browser window will close

Disable & stop auto Playback of Youtube videos

By default, Youtube video will start buffering and play as soon as you open any Youtube video webpage. Few users may like this automatic playback as it eliminates hassle of clicking the Play button. However, users with limited bandwidth internet connection - video autoplay can consume lot

Always open Chrome, Firefox & IE in full screen mode

Full screen mode is supported by majority of modern web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Ideally you need to manually activate to use web browser in full screen mode. Unfotunately, there is no pre-defined option to keep full screen mode

Send & save Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive

Do you receive lot of email messages on Gmail with attached documents and presentation files? Instead of cluttering your Gmail inbox with attachment files - how about saving important files directly to Google Drive (Docs)? Ideally, you will need to download attachment file from Gmail and

Recover deleted favorite bookmarks in Google Chrome & Firefox

Maintaining bookmarks (favorite links) is an important aspect of web browser usage. We bookmark specific webpages or websites as favorite for quicker access in future browsing sessions. Over a period of time, we tend to build big list of bookmarks of various websites of interest. With