How to find animated gif images on Google

Google Search provide lot of options to refine and filter search results for specific requirements like finding PDF files, vintage music tracks, line drawings and much more. Google  has added new option of animated gif images to Google Images Search. Using this 'animated' option to can

Find Panoramic photos online on Google & Bing

Panoramic photos provide wide view of physical space being shot. Practically a panoramic image is a wide image shot covering lot of visual area as against normal rectangular or square photos. Lot of mobile phones and camera come with functionality of clicking panoramic view photos. You can

Find similar photos using Google Search by Image

So you have one photo and want to know everything about it. Ideally, you would share that photo with friends on forums and social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter in hope to get some information from either of your friend. How about using 'Google Search by Image' feature as your

Find SVG vector images with Google Search

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This type of image format is interactive and dynamic. Now you can easily search for SVG image vector graphic files using Google Image Search. Just set the image search filter to SVG files only and you should able to find SVG files of your choice

Directly view full size photos on Google Image Search

Google Image Search ( is an easy way to find photos on any topic or keyword. However, this image search service has one annoyance of having to click twice to able to view full sized photo displayed in search results. You can cut down on the clicking and webpage hopping by

Find websites with images on new Google search

Besides the thumbnail image preview feature, new Google search has also added "Sites with images" feature. It pull Google Image search results in more neater and organized manner. Using this feature, you can preview images from relevant websites for any keyword on new Google search

Download images directly from Google, DeviantArt & 4Chan

Do you love downloading lots of images from the internet? Ideally we open image search website like Google Image search, then type a keyword and make few more clicks to download final image. You can avoid all those clicks and download images directly from the comfort of desktop without

How to find Clipart & Line Drawings with Google Image Search?

Google is one stop to search anything on the internet. Google Image search is an extended search tool to find images of your choice. Now besides usual images, you can use Google Image search to find clipart and line drawing images related to any keyword. 1. Open Google Image Search on

Report Offensive photos on Google Image search results

Did you ever stumble upon adult NSFW image while searching images on Google with safe filter turned ON? No filter or technology is 100% accurate, so if you happen to see mature content while configured for safe content - it is recommeneded to report offensive photos and help Google improve

Find similar images on Google Image search

Google has launched new experimental feature that allows you to search for similar images among image results using Google Image search. Just type any keyword and hit the search button to see image search results. Click on 'similar images' link under any image to see other image results

Google Image Search, photo color filter search

Say you are searching for images of 'flowers' but only yellow flowers using Google Image search. We have already seen manual URL hack to search specific color images. Google has now added this feature officially can be accessed using color selection box. As seen in image below, you can

Find specific color images using Google Image search

Image searching using Google search is as easy as searching for web content. Say you want images of bird - just goto Google Image search, enter keyword bird and hit the enter key to see bird photos. How about searching for bird photos of specific color? Say, I want to search for blue bird