Add or remove color in photos for a classic look

Playing with colors in photo isnt easy if working in 'Photoshop' is not your cup of tea. No worries, Tint Photo Editor is a small free software that allows you to play and manipulate colors in any photo in few simple mouse clicks. To get started, select any photo of your choice and

Dot Matrix drawing with dots, get little creative

We have seen number of feature laden image creation and editing tools. Well, here is most simple and basic one that involves drawing with black dots on white surface or drawing with white dots on black surface. As seen above, can you create something detailed

Create Christmas & holiday greeting Cards with a Funk

Holiday season all set to storm with loads of wishes being sent and received. Making things all easy and funny checkout 'CardFunk'. It allows you to make animated funny Christmas

Create custom Twitter Background with Twitbacks

We have already seen cool resources to download jazzy Twitter background patterns, Twitter themes and buttons. Twitbacks is a cool online tool that allows you to create Twitter background from own custom images in few simple mouse clicks. To get started enter details for your custom

TinyTags for Cute Tag Image with Custom text

See the image with 'Techno Life @ tothepc' on the right side? It explains what tinytags is all about. TinyTags is an online generator to create cute images with custom text message. Just enter your custom text and click on 'Make tag' button. Your cute tinytag image will be ready for

Morph Face images online with MorphThing

MorphThing is very basic and easy to use online image morpher. Select 2 images and with a click of a button get your final morphed image. You can play around with this online tool without

Free panoramic image creation software, panoroma pro

A panoramic image is a result of seamless overlapping of series of images. While this is possible in Photoshop with loads of efforts and time, you can do it the easy way using panoramic image creation software like Pos Panoroma pro. This software makes the process of creating

Convert Image into HTML / ASCII / Matrix Style Fun

Text-Image is a cool web service for little fun with images by converting them into text based formats. Just upload image from computer & start the fun. After selecting image, you can configure various

Enter Name & Get Avatar image, simple name to pic !

Want to see your probable face? 'Turn your name into a face' is a simple web tool that does what its name says. You only need to enter your name and click 'Into a Face' button. You will see unique avatar image (hopefully) for

Create Photo Montages of your pics with Montagraph

We just saw 'YourMagicPhoto' web app and here is 'Montagraph' to create more cool photo montages. Unlike YourMagicPhotos, Montagraph has limited options to play around with. To get started, select template of your choice

YourMagicPhoto for Image fun with Montage Effects

We have already seen number of web apps to have fun with images online. On the lines of super cool web app 'PhotoFunia', here is YourMagicPhoto. It has loads of montage effects that can be applied

How to batch resize photos quickly? Tips & Resources

Resizing of images can take lot of time if you are dealing with loads of images. This time increases mani fold if you are resizing photos manually. Get a life and automate the process of batch resizing. Starting point will be, look for resizing option in the image viewer / editing software