Create picture scramble puzzle game from your photos

Any Picture Scramble is a free fun application to create and play picture scramble puzzle. You can create image puzzle from any photo on your computer and then try to solve the picture puzzle by moving smaller photo blocks. To get started, select any image and split into blocks. Then solve

Increase image size without losing on quality or look blur & fuzzy

We have already seen VectorMagic that converts an image into vector format and allows image enlargement without losing on image quality. SmillaEnlarger is another cool application that can increase size of images without losing on quality of enlarged image. It neatly enlarge images without

Embed high resolution images in zoomable box widget with Seadragon

Seadragon from Microsoft LiveLabs is a cool web service to neatly display high resolution images. It creates a zoomable box or widget in which you can zoom in or out to see detailed look of any part of a high resolution image. You can even switch to full screen mode and enjoy viewing of

Add Film Strip photo frame effect to your images online

Want to make your photos little filmi?Add Film Strip photo frame effect to your photos for that extra jazz and look. Effect will add a black strip of 35mm film as photo frame to any uploaded image. This is possible by using Film Strip Photo Frame effect online tool at Tuxpi website. To get

Add color effects to images with free Photoshop plugin

If you are a beginner or intermediate Photoshop users, then here is free plugin that can save lot of time while rendering color effects to photos in Photoshop. Virtual Photographer is a free plugin to add cool color effects to images in few simple clicks. There are number of presets and

Add sparkle, glitz & gloss to photos with Facebomb

We have seen loads of online tools to play with photos (like Photofunia, JPGfun, SillyScenes). Facebomb is another easy to use online tool to add glitz and gloss to photos. To get started, upload any photo from your computer. It does not require registration, sign up or login. First resize

Falcon add arrows, doodles & image editing effects online

Falcon is a new online editor for basic image and text editing from Aviary. It has usual markup editing options but with exception of being super quick (its hardly 90k and loads very quickly in your web browser). Nothing to download, install and even register or login. Just open Falcon in

Scribble graffiti on any webapge with mouse

Do you want to vandalize your favorite website or webpage without too much fuss? Scribblet is a bookmarklet [30 more bookmarklets] that allows you to become instant grafitti artist with webpage being your canvas. Open any webpage, click the bookmarklet and start vandalizing that webpage.

Generate background patterns from own images

If you are looking for cool and colorful background pattern images - how about creating one from own images? Repper Pattern maker allows you to generate funky background pattern images using easy to use web based tool. To get started, upload any image from the computer. Click on the

Draw simple Stick drawings online, express yourself

Do you want to express your mind in a creative manner? How about creating stick design of picture(s) in your mind? It could be image of heart, dream house or person you look forward to. Y.Stick Love makes simple stick drawing process real easy and quick. Click the start draw button

TiltShift Generator adds professional effect to images

TiltShift refers to adding focus to usual images and make them look more professional - model like images. We have already seen web based Tilt-shift maker to add focus and professional touch to images in few simple clicks. Here is another way to render same effect using: TiltShift

Show related posts with photo thumbnails on blog

Generally we can show related posts as simple text links under each post on Blogger and Wordpress blog. Some sophisticated Wordpress themes do have advance feature of showing related posts along with associated thumbnail image. Well, you can implement this 'so called advance' feature in