Overlap & Merge multiple photos with merge tool

Overlap effect on multiple images can give cool new look to final image. We have already seen easy to use Image Merger app, checkout "Merge" tool with lot of advanced options. You can merge multiple images based on different parameters of size, placement, color, contrast and much

Add Frame to photos online: Framer

Do you want to add cool looking frames to your digital photos online without having to download or install any software? Online tool "Framer" at 'clipyourphotos' makes this all easy routine involving few simple clicks. You can add frame from variety of frame styles to any uploaded photo

Put photo on Fake Magazine cover: MagOfun

"Put my photo on magazine cover", this may not happen in real life for everyone. But on internet, virtually everything is possible and anyone can be a celebrity posing on the cover of popular magazine. This is possible using free Fake magazine cover online tools. We have already seen:

Convert Photo to Sketch

We have already seen cool ways to convert photo to cartoon and photo to paintings. Using free version of Photo 2 Sketch you can generate impressive sketch image from any photo. You can convert photo into simple pen sketch or into details pencil sketch. There is also option for pastel

Make Screenshot images stylish with reflection effect

Are you bored of usual looking simple screenshot of websites and application software? Add some jazz and style to screenshot images by rendering fancy effects using portable tool "Screenie". Using this tool, you can place multiple screenshot images in stylish manner at different angles

Photoshop app to edit photos on Android mobile

Adobe has brought Photoshop to online world. Besides the online photo editor, you can also upload videos to your online Photoshop.com account. Now you can also play around with images clicked using an Android powered mobile phone. Photoshop.com app for Android mobiles makes photo editing

Create Flash Slideshow from photos & music

Are you looking for free software to create quick Flash slideshows? Free Flash creator tool allows you to make flash slideshow from user selected photos and music files. You can save final slideshows in the SWF format for viewing on the computer. Also, burn auto-start flash slideshow on CD

Create Mosaic wallpaper photo from multiple images

Do you love to create "Mosaic" mashup of multiple photos? Wallpaperer is a dead simple portable program to create Mosaic wallpaper photos on the fly. Just drag the photos in the application windows and your Mosaic image is all ready. Besides original colors, it supports different color

Create GIF image from multiple photos online

Do you want to quickly create a simple animated GIF image without installing any software? CreateAgif is an online tool that allows quick creation of GIF image from multiple photos. Being an online tool, it does not require any software download / install or any need to login /

Create own custom wallpaper online: x3studios

Majority of us do not have time and interest to spare lot of time to learn Photoshop or other graphic editing software in order to create custom wallpapers. However, majority of us do crave for custom wallpapers with favorite tagline, name, colors, design and so on. X3studios online

Convert photos to painting, drawing & sketch

There are number of ways to manipulate and spice up photos. We have already seen how to convert photos to cartoon images quickly. FotoSketcher tool allows you to convert photos into piece of art by adding painting, drawing and sketch effect to images. It is an easy to use free software for

Remove blemishes, spots, acne marks from face photos

We have seen number of online image editing & enhancement tools which make photos more beautiful and attractive like smoothing of skin. Natural shots tend to have blemishes, spots, acne marks on close-up face photos. "Pink Mirror" is a cool online tool to remove such marks and produce