Create animated avatar from images, Youtube videos

Avatar is a social identity of every web user interacting at different social networking websites. Alpoy is a new web service that makes avatar creation process real easy. You can easily make from static and highly animated cool looking avatar images in few simple clicks. Related - 5

Free software to add effects, text, bubbles to photos

PhotoTitle is a free software to perform basic photo editing tasks. You can add comments, time stamps, pictures and thinking bubbles to your digital photos. It allows you to format font properties while adding text or title to photos. You can also add the date and time to photo extracted

Add decorative frame to images online at MyFrames

Frame on an image can make it stand out and look more attractive. While there are complex ways to do so by spending lot of time in Photoshop, website makes this real easy and quick - involving just few clicks. To get started, upload any image from your computer. Related -

Add color to black & white photos with free tintii filter

Adding color to black and white photos can take lot of time, effort and patience in Photoshop. Ideally, it requires you to select different areas in the photo and assign specific color to it. You can make this process very easy and super quick using free application Tintii Photo

Fake magazine cover generator & image fun

Your image on cover of popular magazines like Time, wired etc - this is very old trick that never looks stale. We have already seen fake mag cover fun and fun with frames at JPGFun, here is more at WriteOnit. This web service provide cool set of online tools to play with your images. To

Fake magazine cover & frames to images via JPGFun

We have seen number of web tools to add cool amazing effects to photos. This includes: Silly Scenes, YourPhotoMagic and everyone's favorite PhotoFunia. Here is another one to the list for more fun with your images with JPGFun. As the name suggest, you can have lot of fun with your images

Add cool PhotoFunia photo effects with Silly Scenes

PhotoFunia has been big rage among lot of web users trying to make personal photos lot cooler. Well, if you are bored and exhausted with Photofunia effects, try Silly Scenes. It has huge collection of nasty, cool and unique templates to stick your face image. To get started, browse

Create Obama Style avatar / icon from your images

We have seen number of quick online avatar creators like very basic quick crop avatar creator to little more refined and jazzy at Befunky or complete multimedia 3D avatars at Meez. But no one does Obama Style except Obamicon.Me at PasteMagazine. It allows you to quickly generate avatar in

Generate Mosaic version of any image in single click

Mosaic image in composed of number of small images representing a large image or picture. We have already seen PicArtia to create personalized photo mosaic on the fly. Image Mosaic Generator is another online Mosaic image creator which is very simple without bells and whistles. It

Your thoughts on photos, express online with PicLits

Just saw a photo and you got strong opinion / thought about it? PicLits is an interesting web tool to express your thoughts on photos in few simple clicks. It has loads of photos in the catalog, get started by selecting a photo. There is even help to allow you finalize text content

Add focus & professional touch to photos

We have seen number web tools to play with photos that make them look funny, gory and very different. If you are a Photoshop expert then you may not need this. However, if you are trying to get better playing with photos (like many of us) then checkout tiltshiftmaker. Name and meaning

Desktop Graffiti, Vandalize desktop by spraying paint

Desktop Graffitist is a cool application for fun with anything on your desktop. It allows you to spray paint on desktop and create Graffiti aka Desktop Graffiti. This little application is good enough for your creative release and for some fun while working (or sitting idle). Using this