Free image upload for sharing on Twitter & Facebook

We already know number of web services to share photos on Twitter. Ideally you can use any free image hosting website and shorten the final image URL for quick sharing on Twitter and Facebook. ImgTweet does - image upload and final image URL shortening in one go. This saves lot of time and

Opera Unite converts computer web browser into server

Opera Unite is a new radical feature from Opera. It converts computer web browser into standalone server allowing you to to host and share files, websites, messages on your computer itself. In more practical terms: if we need to share a file with another user on the internet, we would

Share Youtube video updates on Twitter & Facebook

Now you can officially share Youtube video updates with friends on Twitter and Facebook. For every videos uploaded to your Youtube account, update for the same will be posted on your Twitter and Facebook timeline. To get started, login into your Youtube account. Then click Upload >

Watch videos In-sync mode in Yahoo Messenger

Ideally we can share and watch Youtube videos while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger. Zync plug-in adds new dimension to watching videos in Yahoo Messenger. It allows you and your friends to watch videos in perfect sync. With this plugin installed, paste video link in IM chat

Send & share any webpage by email, EmailTheWeb

There are times like in Office, school etc specific websites / webpages are blocked by authorities. There are always ways to access such webpages like sharing webpages via email. We have already seen Rediff's WebinMail service, here is another one Email The Web. To get started, just enter

Save & share anything on internet with Thumbtack

For starters, Thumbtack is an online bookmarking service from Microsoft Live Labs. First thing that strike you about this service is interface - its damn cool with all that ajax effect and pure dag-drop functionality. To get started, create an account on Thumbtack website. Then drag the

Prevent Not Safe For Work Stuff Shock with No-NSFW

NSFW - 'Not Safe For Work' content popping up in office enviroment can cause embrassement big time. While there is an easy way to share NSFW URLs, here is an alternative while you surf web using FireFox Browser. No-NSFW is a Firefox Extension which warns you about NSFW links before you

Snip & Share NSFW(Not Safe For Work) URLs with ease

There are number of URL snipping services to snip and shorten long URLs. NSFW is another URL snipping services solely to share NSFW (Not Safe For Work) URLs. Now you can share URLs containing risky or mature content with ease. Ever clicked a link and felt embarrassed with the