Transform Windows Vista look like Windows 7

We have already seen transformation pack for converting looks of Windows XP into Windows 7. Here is another transformation pack from NiwradSoft for making Windows Vista system look like Windows 7. No manual editing of registry or hacking. Just download [link] the transformation pack,

Chirp Twitter Client, Vista gloss & cool functionality

We have seen number of Twitter Clients from online versions like Gtwit to numerous offline versions including TweetDeck and Twhirl. Here is another one 'Chirp' with cool functionality and Windows Vista Gloss. It has very cool user interface and is specially for your Windows Vista

View & Edit OEM Information of Vista computer

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer - if you bought a DELL computer, your OEM is DELL. VistaOEM is small utility that allows you to view and edit OEM information on Windows Vista computer. OEM Information is displayed in the Control Panel in the System-Information window. You

Vista to Windows7 upgrade, free or not ?

All Windows Vista users looking for free Windows7 upgrade, here is good and bad news. Yes, Windows Vista users will be eligible for FREE Windows7 upgrade but only limited users. Here are few possible features of upcoming 'Vista to Windows7' upgrade process. Preinstalled Windows Vista

Relish Fab 5 Windows7 features in Vista / XP

Windows7 official release will still take sometime to mature. Incase you want to tryout new Windows7 features on your Windows Vista or XP computer, then following is for you. Checkout utilities and software to get Windows7  features in Vista / XP. 1. Aero Shake - Just shake any opened

Problem with Vista? Check at Microsoft Vista Answers

Unlike other Window based operating systems, Windows Vista got its share of bigger problems. Be it Vista Speed Record of 131yrs to Copy 168MB Pics or Microsoft's efforts to provide support for installing Vista SP1. Here is another Microsoft's endeavour to help

Basic Vista Commands a click away from Vista sidebar

Vista Commands is a Windows Vista sidebar gadget that allows quick access to basic commands and functions. For example, you can access 'msconfig' in single click from Vista sidebar using this Vista sidebar gadget 'Vista Commands'. It supports number of commands including: msconfig, Snap

Portable Windows Vista Tweak utility with 130 tweaks

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a portable Windows Tweak utility ideal to tweak and optimize Windows Vista system. It is a small utility of size 370kb loaded with over 130 tweaks. It gives access to loads of hidden Windows Vista features that can be tweaked with simple mouse clicks. This

Download Broken Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack

Windows Vista is slow and has lot of users complaining - to get in spirit of 'not so good' Windows Vista, here is broken Windows Vista Wallpaper. Going by the name, it has Windows Vista back

How to Change Display Language in Windows Vista?

Did you buy a Vista laptop (or computer) from abroad and want it to talk to you in your mother language? Officially, language switchover is possible in Vista Ultimate and Enterprise. What about other versions of Windows Vista? Well, Vistalizator is a handy application that allows you to

How to Watch Youtube Videos in Vista Media Center?

Vista Media Center can be a cozy place to relish favorite pictures, music and videos. Now, you can spice up Vista Media Center with Youtube Videos. Using Yougle Vista you can watch Youtube Videos in the comfort of Vista Media Center. Besides Youtube Videos, it also supports Google

Is my Windows Vista & XP 32bit or 64bit version?

We never bother to check if Windows Vista or Windows XP installed on computer is 32bit or 64bit version. However, bells ring when you need to know exact version to install any specific program or for any other task. 32bit or 64bit? It is not difficult to check on the exact version of