Check website in internet explorer versions [IE 5.5, 6, 7, 8] on Windows 7, Vista & XP

We have already seen cool tool to install multiple version of Internet Explorer browser to check website rendering. IETester is a similar tool to check website rendering and look in different versions of Internet Explorer including: IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Windows 7, Vista and XP

Windows 7 Show Desktop button in XP & Vista on right side of taskbar

Windows 7 feature big glossy rectangle button to "show desktop" and minimize all opened windows. Now you can get similar button on Windows XP and Vista PC using "Show Desktop XP" app by Cellular. It will show glossy vertical rectangle button on right side of taskbar next to system

See hardware, software System Information of Windows 7, Vista & XP computer

Ideally one can goto to system properties, device manager to view hardware information and add & remove programs list to view software on the computer. These in-built Window features provide very little information about hardware and software on your Windows based computer. SIW (System

Prevent Vista Service Pack install via Windows Update

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 was released few days back. It will be pushed to Windows users through automatic updates. In coming days, Windows update should install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on your computer. However, if you want to prevent this - use Service Pack Blocker Tool

Download links for Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Windows Vista service pack 2 has been released by Microsoft and is available for download. It is available as standalone installer or as DVD ISO image. You must have Vista SP1 installed on the computer before you can proceed to install Vista SP2. Also, you need to remove Vista SP2

Compare features of Windows 7, XP and Vista

Microsoft has released feature comparison chart of different Windows operating system including: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows 7. It is a PDF file that has exhaustive comparative listing of different features of each operating system. Comparison is done under

Give Aero glass look to Command prompt in Vista & 7

Windows Vista and 7 has Aero effect that renders glass look to every window you open except the Command prompt (CMD) window. It still has the age old interface of one tone color. Glass CMD is a small utility that renders Aero glass look to your commands prompt window. Related -

Get Vista start button ‘Orb’ on Windows XP

Are you tired of seeing big start button on your Windows XP computer? Well, you can enjoy the goodness of Windows XP with the jazz of Vista start button (round icon also called 'Orb) using ViOrb. Just download, extract files and double click to see your XP start button change into Vista

Windows7 like clock on system tray in Vista & XP

Windows7 sports all new taskbar in terms of looks and components placement. For example, clock on system tray also show day-date information besides the time. It looks cool and render different looking clock area on the system tray. Now you can get similar clock on your Vista or XP

Resize images with right click [XP, Vista resizer]

Are you looking for an easy method to resize images quickly? How about right clicking on the image to get this job done? Image Resizer Powertoy adds 'resize image' option to the right click menu. Just right click on any image and then click on 'Resize pictures' option. Related - 5+

Is my computer compatible for Windows 7, Vista, IE?

Are you thinking of installing new version of Internet Explorer or latest Windows Update? Do you want to make sure, new software addition wont turn things bad on the computer? Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit can help you analyse and check for compatibility issue that may arise

New Zealand Bliss Vista desktop wallpapers

New Zealand is clean, quiet and amazingly beautiful country to visit. It has greenery all around with lot of different places to see. From rivers, lakes to beauty beaches - its all there in New Zealand. In between, currently I am in New Zealand (on vacation!). I have clicked loads of