Use Airdrop for wireless file sharing on MAC OSX Lion

Do you want to quickly share files without wires between MAC systems around? MAC OSX Lion bring new Airdrop feature that allow wireless sharing of files. Best part, it does not require sharing user to be on same Wi-Fi network. It only requires Wifi hardware between sharing systems.

Open & delete Apps in Launchpad on MAC OSX Lion

Launchpad brings a new and very easy way to manage all apps downloaded from the MAC App Store. Just like apps are arranged on Apple iPad, MAC OSX Lion user can find similar grouping of apps under Launchpad screen. It provides one single interface to view installed Apps from MAC App store.

How to email multiple photos from iPad

Do you want to share photos on your Apple iPad via email? You can easily select and send multiple photos from iPad to any email address. There is no need to download or install any special app for emailing photos on iPad. You can simply use inbuilt functionality on iPad to quickly send

Re-download already purchased iPad & iPhone apps in iTunes

If you factory reset iPad or iPhone, all apps downloaded by you over a period of time are deleted. Fortunately, there is not need to re-purchase apps that you have bought before. You can simple re-download those previously purchased apps in iTunes for free. You do not need to pay for apps

Run & switch between multiple apps on iPad

Ideally you can open one interfacing application on Apple iPad. There is no need to close current app while you go ahead with opening of another application. You can easily run multiple applications and toggle (or switch) between them as and when required. For example, you may pause game

View ipad, iphone Apps purchase history details in iTunes

Apple iOS device users including iPad and iPhone can purchase different applications and games on their Apple devices. Every purchase require you to enter Apple ID login details for successful order and download of apps. Over a period of time you may have purchased number of Apps for your

How to pause & stop app downloading on iPad

We can download variety of apps (applications) on Apple iPad for added functionality and features. Sometimes we need to free up internet bandwidth to preform important task while an application is being downloaded in the background. In such case, you can pause app downloading for sometime

Delete & remove apps on Apple iPad

You can install and use number of apps on iPad from Apple’s online App Store. We download and install apps to try them and get feel of the application functionality. Over a period of time, lot of applications are installed on iPad consuming limited space on the device. You can easily free

Close opened apps running in background on iPad

Majority of iPad users open apps (applications), use them and press Home button to goto Home screen. We rarely bother to close apps previously opened on Apple iPad. As a result, lot of already opened application keep running in the background. This hogs precious RAM memory on iPad and may

iTunes automatic downloads feature on MAC, Windows

With iOS 5 and iCloud service - automatic downloading of content to different Apple devices functionality should be live very soon. We have already seen easy procedure to enable icloud automatic downloads in iPad and iPhone iOS devices. You can also activate this feature in iTunes

Enable iCloud automatic downloads on iPad & iPhone

iCloud is a new Apple service for iOS devices that retires Mobile Me service. This service automatically pushes content wirelessly to Apple devices (using same Apple ID). You can enable iCloud services by activating automatic downloading of new purchases (including free) on Apple devices.

Setup or disable IPv6 on MAC

IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. It is a successor and replacement of current IPv4 (version 4). IPv6 is being introduced to overcome shortage of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 addresses are longer at 128bits as compared to 32bit long IPv4 addresses. We can easily disable IPv6 on Windows