Roman numeral to Number conversion portable tool

Are you looking for quick and easy way for converting Roman numerals to regular numbers? We have already seen Roman Arabic Numerals Converter for such conversion. Here is similar tool for Roman numeral to number conversion which is fully portable: does not require install, download, unzip

Convert XPS to PDF file: free converter process

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification technology from Microsoft. We have already seen how to create and edit XPS files in Microsoft Office 2007. There are number of ways to convert XPS files to PDF format. Majority of them asks you to buy converter software for conversion. Following

Convert Windows Media WMV to Flash FLV file format

Windows Media WMV and FLV Flash are two most common used video file formats. WMV rules majority of offline video files, while FLV flash rules majority of online video files. Do you want to convert WMV to FLV video format? You can easily perform such conversion using various free online and

Convert doc, docx Word document into HTML

For starters, creating HTML webpage can be a huge manual task. ValmaWord program makes this all easy by converting Microsoft Word (doc, docx, txt) document into HTML format. This free tools allows you to view any text or Word document in HTML format with number of features for output

Video to Mp3: free AoA Audio Extractor

Do you want to extract sound/audio from favorite video? AoA Audio Extractor program makes this all easy process involving few simple clicks. It allows you to extract and save audio from videos files and save in desired audio format like mp3, wav, ac3. Besides basic functionality it has

Convert Audio CD music into MP3 format

Do you have an old audio CD containing your favorite music? You can easily convert audio CD music into Mp3 format which more easily manage-able and has less size. This is possible using free Audio CD to Mp3 converter. Insert audio CD in the drive, open the converter, select music tracks

Convert RGB to BGR color code

In the backend different colors are represented using unique color codes like #FFFFFF for white, #000000 for black and so on. Generally, color codes are used in RGB (Red Green Blue) format. However, at times we need to express same color code in BGR format. RGB 2 BGR converter makes this

Convert digital camera RAW images to TIFF, PSD format

Many of us use digital camera to capture images of special moments. RAW images are produced by digital camera which can be converted into TIFF format for better image processing and enhancement. RAWdrop is a free application that allows easy conversion of RAW images into TIFF and PSD

Convert 7Zip archive into EXE, self executing file

Just like zip, 7Zip is a popular archive file format. For an end user, extracting zip file is more easy as compared to 7zip archive files - because 7zip files require special 7zip archive software to extract its contents. 7-ZIP SFX Maker is a useful tool to convert 7Zip archive files into

Convert WMF & EMF MetaFiles to SVG format

For starters: SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an XML markup language for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated and either declarative or scripted. Images can contain hyperlinks using outbound simple XLinks. Ideally, you can open SVG files using

Convert FLV to IPOD, MPEG, MP4, PSP online

Majority of online videos are in flash video format. Also, download of any online video result in FLV video file. Ideally, you will need FLV player to play such video files. How about downloading online videos and converting in desired video format in one go? Convert Direct is a free

Convert MP4 to MP3, free converter

"Convert MP4 to MP3" is a dead simple tool to rip MP3 audio from MP4 video files. It can extract audio part of MP4 or MPEG4 video files and convert the audio output in MP3 format. Resultant MP3 audio file can be played anywhere on different applications and gadgets like iPod, portable MP3