Save image as PDF in Photoshop

Are you looking for dead simple way to save an image file in PDF file format? If you have Adobe Photoshop installed on the computer, then you can perform this conversion in few simple clicks on the fly. Photoshop has default option to save any design or image as PDF file. Open & Save

Create HTML webpage from text file

Do you want to create quick HTML webpage containing only text content? Free utility txt2html can help make HTML page in few simple clicks without any need of even basic HTML knowledge. It can generate simple HTML webpage from any txt document that you can upload and share anywhere on the

Convert DotX to DocX file format

For Starters: DocX is default format to save documents in Office 2007 and above. While DotX is default format for Office templates for word processing application. You can easily convert any DotX file into DocX format using free DotX to DocX converter software. After conversion you can

FLV to MP3, portable converter software

Are you looking for easy to use portable FLV to MP3 converter software that does not require install?"FlvToMp3" is free FLV to MP3 converter without any bells and whistles. It can convert any FLV flash video into MP3 audio format. Final MP3 file is generated directly from the flv video

Convert PDF & images to DjVu format online

Do you have large PDF or scanned image file? You can easily reduce its size and still maintain clarity of document / image using DjVu format. We have already discussed about DjVu file compression format. You can convert PDF or scanned image into DjVu file format and save huge on the final

Capture Screenshot images from FLV Youtube video

Do you want to capture still images from a FLV Youtube video? Flapture is a free Adobe Air program that makes this all easy and quick. You can load and play any FLV Youtube video in this program, pause the video and capture screenshot of that moment. To get started, you need to have FLV

Convert BMP image to ICO icon

We have seen number of tools and ways to convert an image to icon format. For example, ImagIcon utility can convert images of different formats like JPG, PNG, BMP into ICO icon format. Alternatively, you can perform PNG to ICO conversion online at ConvertICO. Checkout ZylBmp2Ico utility

Convert DAA files to ISO format

DAA (Direct Access Archive) file format is used by PowerISO and gBurner programs. For burning and easy access you can convert DAA files to ISO format. We have already seen way to open and convert DAA files without need of PowerISO software. DAA2ISO is a free utility to DAA to ISO

Convert AVI, FLV video to MP3 format

Did you love audio soundtrack of a Youtube video or any other online video? You can easily extract and save Mp3 part from a video and listen it like a usual mp3 song. To get started, you need to download online video on the computer (online videos are downloaded in FLV format). Then use

Convert JPG to PDF, free converter software

Do you want to create a PDF file containing images? Zilla JPG to PDF is a simple converter for JPG to PDF conversion. You can add multiple images and sort them to create customized PDF file containing those images. It also allows you to specific basic information for PDF file being created

Convert scanned paper JPG image into PDF format

Do you have hard copy paper document that should be digitized into JPEG image or PDF format? STP (Scan to PDF) is a small utility that makes this conversion real easy. Besides this utility you will need scanner for actual conversion of documents into digital format. To get started, click

Convert MS Excel file to XML format

Do you want to generate XML file from contents of a MS Excel file? toXML is a small utility that can do such conversion quickly. It converts specified MS Excel file into XML format. All the contents are properly formatted and preserved in the final XML file generated by this utility