Convert Font formats online

Do you want to convert format of a font to a different format online without having to install separate software? You can easily perform Font format conversion online using free online font format converter tools. These allow you to convert font among different formats like: pfa, pfb, pt3,

Convert comics [CBR, CBZ] into ebook EPUB format

Majority of ebook reader like Apple iPad support EPUB format for ebooks. Do you want to read your favorite comic on an ebook reader? You can easily do that by converting comics in CBR or CBZ format into EPUB ebook format. You can download free Comic to eBook converter tool for such

Convert alphanumeric Phone number into numbers

Do you need to call a phone number with mix of numbers and alphabets / words? Not sure how to dial [1 888 CAR REPAIR] from your phone? Telephone numbers are listed in number + words format (specially in USA) for easy recal value. However, one may goof-up trying to convert alphanumeric

Create HD video from images with PhotoFilmStrip

Majority of people click photos using digital camera and mobile phones. Want to render your photos a motion in HD format? Photo Film Strip is a free tool that allows you to create cool video from bunch of images stored on your computer. It has simple interface and has right balance to

Free iPad video converter software

Do you want to play video of any possible video format on your Apple iPad device? This is easily possible by converting video format to iPad compatible format. We have already seen Aleesoft free iPad converter, here is another free iPad video converter for quick and easy video format

Convert digital camera raw files into DNG format

Each camera brand has own specifications to process raw information to able to produce JPEG / TIFF image files. Users can convert digital camera raw files into more universal file format DNG (digital negative) as it is a safer file format to use for long term image archival purposes.

Convert videos to play on iPad: Free iPad converter

Besides viewing lot of personal photos and use iPad as photo frame, you can also use it to play your favorite videos. However, you need to convert videos into format that is compatible with Apple iPad device. This can be easily achieved using free iPad video converter software

Convert location coordinates into decimal format

Location coordinates derived from geographical map (like Google, Bing, Yahoo Maps) can be expressed in different formats. For example: it can be in DMS (Degree Minute Second) or decimal format. Do you want to convert coordinates from Degree Minute Second to Decimal format or vice-versa?

Validate & convert PDF file to PDF/A-1b standard

PDF/A-1b standard for PDF file ensure its content look same when accessed anytime in future. You can validate and check any PDF document file for compliance with the PDF/A standard. PDF/A converter is a free tool for such validation and conversion of PDF file to PDF/A standard. It checks

Save Apple Pages file as MS Word doc, PDF, plain text

Majority of Windows users perform word processing tasks in Microsoft Office application software. While MAC users have iWorks application for similar functionality. If you are using iWorks on MAC and want to share documents with Windows users with MS Office, you can easily export and save

Generate ASCII art from plain text & characters

Do you want to generate stylish and cool looking ASCII art visual? AS-ASCII Text is a cool portable tool to convert any plain text into ASCII art creation. You can use any special characters on the keyboard to generate ASCII art visual representing a word. Convert plain Text into ASCII

Convert BAT to EXE file, free converter

Are you looking for free program software to convert BAT file to EXE  file? Such conversion requires special program that can compile BAT file contents to generate an EXE file. After conversion an EXE file for actul program is generated to perform intended functionality. 1. F2Ko free Bat