Convert WAV to MP3 audio file format

WAV and MP3 are most common audio file formats. WAV format takes lot of space and we often convert a WAV audio file into MP3 format. Moo0 Audio TypeConvert is free application that support WAV and MP3 audio file format conversion. It support drag and drop of files for format

Convert ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, binary & Morse code

Ultimate Converter is a free small portable application supporting conversion among different types of formats. You can use it to convert to and from: ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, binary, Morse code and semaphore. It is a Java based application that does not involve installation and allows

Create Screensaver by converting SWF Flash file

Do you have SWF flash file that would look cool as screensaver? If yes, then grab free application "FlashForge" for quick and easy screensaver creation. This application allows you to convert any SWF flash file into cool looking screensaver. Final screensaver can be installed and removed

Convert CSV to Google Maps KML file

For starters: KML (Keyhole Markup Language), is an XML file format for modeling and storing geographic features such as points, lines, images, polygons and models for display in Google Earth, Google Maps. KML Converter is a free utility to convert any CSV file into simple Google Maps KML

Create Photo Lapse video from sequence of images [JPG to AVI]

Have you clicked sequence of images of same scene or visual? If yes, how about creating a photo lapse video by combining those sequence of images. "Photo Lapse" is a free portable software that makes this process all easy involving few simple clicks. It allows you to combine sequence of

Convert DivX AVI to 3ivx Quicktime MOV on MAC

DivX Doctor II is a free and quick AVI to MOV Converter for MAC users. It can converts DivX .avi videos to 3ivx QuickTime (.mov) videos. After conversion, you can easily play .mov video file in Quicktime application. Besides conversion, it also fixes audio glitches inherent in the AVI

Extract mp3 audio from FLV flash video file

Do you want to extract and save audio track of FLV flash video file? FLV2mp3 is a free utility which makes this process real easy, involving few simple clicks. It can extract sound / mp3 audio part of FLV video file with high efficiency. Whole process is very quick and produces good

Free FLV Flash video converter software

Majority of downloaded online videos are in FLV flash format. We need to convert FLV into other common video formats for easy playback. Free Flash FLV Video converter from minidvdsoft is a free software to convert FLV videos into other videos formats like: AVI, MPEG (MPEG1 and MPEG2), WMV

Open .daa files, convert & extract without PowerISO

.daa (Direct Access Archives) is a file extension of PowerISO application. This is used to archive large ISO disk image files and has feature of compression, splitting into volumes, password protection. Ideally, one would need PowerISO application to work with .daa files. But this software

Convert ISO, DMG & CDR disk image files on Mac

[Mac only] DMGConverter is an excellent utility for MAC users to work with different disk image files. It is a free utility to create new image from folder, convert existing image to other supported formats and much more. It supports number of disk image volume and file formats. This

Convert EXE to MSI application package

Do you want to convert and package an EXE file as MSI application install package?" EXE to MSI converter" makes this conversion real easy. It is a free tool to convert Setup Executable (.exe) to Windows Installer Packages (.msi). After conversion MSI packages can be used to deploy software

Convert Excel to Text without Microsoft Excel

Do you want to read contents of an Excel file without Microsoft Excel program on the computer? One quick way to do this is by converting Excel file into a text file. Oncilla Excel2Text is a free converter utility for such conversion which does not required Microsoft Excel program to be