Add Print button to Firefox right click context menu

By default, you can access print option in Firefox browser from File menu. We have already seen plugin to add "Print Preview" button to right click context menu and to Firefox status bar. "Print context menu" is another useful plugin for with more features. It adds print button besides

Auto Hide Firefox bookmarks bar for more browsing space

Do you want more visible browsing space in Firefox browser? One easy way to achieve this is by using "Bookmark autohider" plugin. By default it hides the bookmarks bar and it only appears when you mouse hover that area. Hence, during usual browsing you have more visible space as a result

Firefox: Show progress bar in address bar, Safari style

Firefox can be customized in different ways from functionality to looks. How about adding Safari touching by combining progress and address bars in Firefox? Firefox plugin 'Fission' makes this possible giving nice visual appeal to the address bar area of Firefox browser. After

Reload & Refresh webpage automatically in Firefox

If you are following a forum page, you need to manually press the refresh button to view latest changes on that webpage. Same is true to check new emails in inbox - are you tired of this routine? Well, you can make any webpage refresh automatically after specific period of time in Firefox

Minimize Firefox & Thunderbird to System tray

With too many opened programs taskbar can become cluttered. We have already seen Taskbar Helper software to move program buttons from taskbar to the system tray. If you only want to do this for Firefox (and other Mozilla products like Thunderbird, Songbird), then checkout "MinimizeToTray

Delete Cookies of specific domain website in Firefox

Every website domain saves respective cookies on the computer. Firefox users can selectively chose to kill and delete cookies of any specific website domain being browsed using CookieKiller Firefox plugin. After the install, it adds options to delete cookies in the Firefox context menu and

Restart Firefox with Keyboard shortcut key

Firefox browser can be customized with different plugins, themes and much more. Each customization effort require restart / reboot of Firefox browser. Are you tired of clicking restart button? Well, you can restart Firefox using quick keyboard shortcut key by installing "Quick Restart"

Google PageRank, Alexa rank Firefox plugin

Google Page rank and Alexa rank are important metrics to check quality of website or blog URL. You can easily check of these parameter while browsing websites in Firefox using "Search Status" plugin. It can also see Complete Rank and Moz Rank of any URL on the right side of Firefox status

Give simple white minimalist look to Firefox

Firefox browser can be customized to great extend in terms of look and functionality. There are number of Firefox styles and themes to add glitz & gloss to Firefox browser. If you love simple and elegant interface then check "Purity" theme for Firefox browser. Simple Looking Firefox

Post to Delicious Firefox plugin for easy bookmarks posting

Delicious is one popular social bookmarking website. Users can post their favorite links tagged under different categories for other users to discover bookmarked content easily. "Post to Delicious" is a Firefox extension that makes Delicious posting very easy and quick. It has simple

Simple Gmail in minimalist white Look

Gmail can be customized to a great extend. You can use labs options to add more features to Gmail inbox or use themes to change Gmail look. We have already seen Greasemonkey & userscript that allows you to render simple and minimalist look to Gmail. If you find that confusing to

Display Islamic / Hijri date in Firefox status bar

If you follow Islamic calendar and use Firefox web browser for internet browsing, then "Islamic Date" Firefox plugin is for you. This Firefox plugin show current Islamic / Hijri date in the Firefox status bar. Hence you can see the current Islamic date while you browse favorite websites