Add Open With IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera buttons in Firefox

Many user have multiple web browsers installed on the computer. There are times, we need to test specific webpage / website in specific web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and so on. "Open With" Firefox plugin adds Open With Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera buttons in

Add Lyrics box to Youtube video webpage

We have seen number apps to see lyrics for current songs being played in Winamp music player, iTunes app and Zune software. Now you can also view lyrics while watching Youtube videos. "Youtube Lyrics" is a userscript that pulls lyrics data for the current Youtube video from number of

Add webpage Print Preview shortcut key & button

Do you print lot of online content? Shorcut key for print preview can for sure make your life easy. Firefox users can easily add easy to access print preview options using "Print Preview" plugin. Open any webpage and you can access print preview window using a shortcut key. right click

Hide Firefox Find bar with shortcut key

Find bar is a useful Firefox feature that allows you to search and highlight any text on current webpage. Ideally, you can press Ctrl + F or goto Edit > Find to show Find bar in Firefox browser. But to close or hide the Find bar you need to manually click X button. How about doing same

Auto Replay Youtube videos in Firefox

Are you tired of clicking play button to replay Youtube videos? Now you can add "auto replay" functionality to any youtube video being viewed in Firefox browser using Youtube Auto Replay firefox plugin. This plugin adds "auto play" checkbox to Youtube webpage. Tick or check that option for

See internet history of each Firefox tab in a click

We can customize Firefox browser to a great extent like colored tabs, hiding tabs bar and much more. If you are tired of hitting back / forward button to see already browsed webpages, then try Tab History Menu. It is a Firefox plugin that allows you to see history of each tab in a single

How to Open bookmarks in new tab in Firefox

By default a click on bookmarks button will result in that weblink loading in same tab. Users who often access bookmark links would like them to open in new tab for better accessibility and ease. This is possible using "Open Bookmarks in New Tab" Firefox addon. Open bookmarks in new

FireTorrent: Download torrent files in Firefox

Are you addicted to torrent files download now and then? Also, do you surf internet in Firefox? If yes, then FireTorrent addon can make your Techno Life real easy managing torrent files download within Firefox browser. Besides the ease, you get competitive torrent download speeds with

Colored Tabs in multiple rows in Firefox

Tabs in Firefox makes browsing real easy. We can play around with tabs in number of ways like hiding full tabs bar with shortcut key. TooManyTabs is an interesting Firefox addon that adds useful feature play to Firefox tabs. It allows multiple tab bars for easy access while lot of tabs are

Hide Firefox Tabs bar with shortcut key

Firefox tabs taking too much space in browsing window for your liking? Or want to hide tabs quickly to prevent others to see websites opened in Firefox? There could be number of reasons for a user to hide tabs in Firefox. You can easily do this using quick keyboard shortcut hotkey via

See Related CNN News in Firefox while surfing internet

Are you a CNN news addict? If yes, then Firefox plugin "CNN Addict" might help you keep up with this addiction. This cool plugin allows you to view CNN new stories within Firefox while you surf the internet. It shows updated and related news stories as per content you are currently surfing

Download Facebook toolbar for Firefox

Tired of refreshing Facebook webpage to stay updated with latest activity in your account? Integrate Facebook within your Firefox browser and stay updated with latest Facebook activity as you browse your favorite websites. It has lot of features to stay connected with Facebook friends,