Turn Firefox into Full Blown File Manager / Explorer

A plugin or add-on can make Firefox serve more than just web browser. We have already seen, how a firefox extention 'SimpleMail' can turn Firefox browser into complete email client. You can turn Firefox into full blown File Manager or file explorer using cool add-on 'FireFly'. Using

Give FireFox Google Chrome Looks with Chromifox

Chromifox is an interesting combo of Firefox and Google Chrome browser. Too much in love with Google Chrome and cannot leave old pal FireFox? Chromifox is possible alternative in this situation. It is a coat of Chrome for Firefox, a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox 3 on

Best Firefox3 Addons, Mozilla reveal Top3 winners

Mozilla has announced top3 winning Firefox3 add-ons as a part of 'Extend Firfox3 contest'. (Extend Firefox 3 is a developer contest to encourage development and innovation in Web experience through add-ons to Firefox 3.) After going through over 100 entries representing hundreds of

World Clocks in Firefox Status Bar, Stay Updated !

Time is very important - nowadays most of us tend to use mobile phones to see time while wrist watches and clocks are passe. You can use good old Google to check current time and other ways like World Time Engine. How about your customized World Clocks in Firefox browser status bar?

Turn Firefox into complete Email Client via SimpleMail

Simple Mail is a cool Firefox extension that can turn your Firefox browser into fully functional email client. You can read, write and get notified of messages from multiple email accounts within Firefox. To get started configure your email accounts

Digg with Ease using Official Digg FireFox Toolbar

For starters, digg is a popular bookmarking website where users submit links and vote on links submitted by other users. With Digg FireFox toolbar you can submit and track your diggs without actually going to the website. A notification windows is in-built into the toolbar which inform

Relish all your Music within FireFox with FoxyTunes

FoxyTunes is one cool Firefox extension to control any media player while surfing the Web within Firefox browser. You can find lyrics, artist images, videos, bios while listening to music with FoxyTunes. Music dashboard shows song info, album art, recent history. It allows quick preview

Manage multiple Gmail Accounts in Firefox

This is for Gmail addicts using multiple Gmail accounts and Firefox web browser. Gmail Manager makes management of multiple Gmail accounts very easy. This is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications.

Zoom Text on a webpage to adjust with your eyes

Few webmasters will dare visitors in making them read very small text on their webpages. Constantly changing text zoom back and forth as you visit different sites can be real painful at times. We have already seen cool alternative 'Easy Read' for IE users to change text size in IE when

Prevent Not Safe For Work Stuff Shock with No-NSFW

NSFW - 'Not Safe For Work' content popping up in office enviroment can cause embrassement big time. While there is an easy way to share NSFW URLs, here is an alternative while you surf web using FireFox Browser. No-NSFW is a Firefox Extension which warns you about NSFW links before you

Use Multiple Email Accounts without logging Off

With so many different types of web services available, one tends to have more than one email address with different hosts. Like, if you have more than one email address on Yahoo and Gmail. Normally you would have to log out from one so as to login into another. Well, this is thing of