One Click photo upload to photobucket in Firefox

Photobucket is a very popular and stable website to upload and share your photos. If you are tired of manually selecting each photo and uploading it to your photobucket account, checkout Photobucket Uploader Firefox plugin. Firefox users can install this plugin and upload photos to

Firefox as Kids safe browser with parental controls

Are you looking for a safe way for your child to access internet? Well, Firefox web browser can serve this purpose after installation of addon 'KidZui'. It converts Firfox into a kid-safe environment with over a million kid-friendly websites, games, pictures, and YouTube videos. There

Compact Google Reader to view more in less space

Google Reader went for a design makeover losing curves and colors. New design has lot of spacing and things spread out little more. Incase this spacing is too much for you and want to read more stuff in less space then checkout 'Google Reader Absolutely Compact'. It reduces empty space

How to open DocX files in Firefox web browser?

We have already seen number of ways to open docx files created in Office 2007. We can open them using Gmail and lots of other methods discussed here and here. There is a new Firefox plugin that allows you to open any docx file without any other software like Office 2007. Using this

Portable Firefox with splash of Google Love, FoxGlove

If you love using different Google services and products like Chrome, reader, email etc within Firefox web browser - then you will for sure love FoxGlove portable Firefox with splash of Google love. It is portable Firefox that looks like Google Chrome with integrated access to loads of

FoxSaver turns Firefox into ScreenSaver & PhotoViewer

We have already seen how to turn Firefox into full blown file explorer, complete Email Client and here is more. FoxSaver converts Firefox into a screensaver and photoviewer. When your computer is idle, Foxsaver launch a photo show in Firefox browser like a screensaver. You can configure

‘Fashion your Firefox’ Customize Firefox, the easy way

'Fashion your Firefox' makes your Firefox browser from simple to spectacular. It is a new 'thingie' for new Firefox users who often tend to get lost on which plugin to install and use. This feature from Mozilla make 'Firefox customization' process easy and saves lot of time. To get

Move sidebar in Firefox to right side with Rightbar

Sidebar on the left side in firefox - is it too boring or annoying for you? Well, get it over this by moving the sidebar to the right side with ease. RightBar 0.4 Firefox add-on does the same with ease and simplicity. After the install, you can move the sidebar to right side using

Convert Webpage into Image (to PDF) in Firefox

pdfit is a useful Firefox extension to convert current webpage into an image format (JPEG or PNG). You can later convert this image into PDF format. There are number of options to configure during page to image conversion. You can apply some image filters like emboss, rotate, reflection

Split Firefox Browser Window, Interested ?

Tabbed browsing made things lot easier than multiple window browsing. You can make browsing more easy by jumping from tabbed browsing to 'split window' tabbed browsing. Split browser is a cool Firefox addon splits Firfox browsing window in any way you want. Ideal to compare multiple

Customize Time Format on ebay pages to Local Time

Does time listing on ebay pages confuse you? Want to get more comfortable with time format on ebay pages? Checkout MyTimeZone, it is a cool firefox addon for customizing time on ebay pages. It automatically converts times on eBay pages to

Update Twitter, FaceBook & FriendFeed via FireStatus

If love sending constant updates to your Twitter, FaceBook and FriendFeed accounts - then you will for sure love FireStatus. It is a Firefox 3 extension that allows you to send status updates, notes and URL links simultaneously to multiple social networks and services. It also