Tweet Flickr photos in single click with Flickr 2 Twitter

Are you looking for an easy and quick way to share Flickr photo page link on Twitter? Well, Flickr2Twitter Firefox extension makes this activity a single click procedure. After install, you will get a new button 'Tweet this image', click that button to send any Flickr photo to your Twitter

Save Twitter links to Delicious, automatically!

Delicious is an awesome service to save links of different websites in a neat manner with proper tagging. Twitter is an awesome service to share, share and share lots of links laden daily ramblings. However, Twitter does not have good setup of browsing and organizing old links laden

How to block flash animation content in Firefox?

Flash animation content can overwhelm and distract web users to the core. If you are using Firefox browser, then you can easily block such flash content and view it selective (as the case may be). Flashblock firefox extension blocks all flash content displayed while you browse the web in

Skip waiting & download directly with SkipScreen

All popular file hosting service like MediaFire, Rapidshare etc has timer on download pages that makes you stare at advertisements before the actual file download link pops up. SkipScreen is a Firefox extension that allows you to skip those timer screens and download stuff directly from

Change Firefox look with Personas skins

Personas gallery is now live fully loaded with lot of Firefox skins. It has share of its beautiful to ugly looking skins. Collection has skins of different categories including: abstract, fashion, music, nature, seasonal, sports and much more. With personas you can change Firefox look in

Display different timezone clocks on Windows desktop

Do you need a clock showing time of different countries? This may be required if you have relatives living abroad or you work with people from other countries. There are different ways to implement this depending on the operating system being used. End result displays time of different

Surf websites using Keyboard shortcuts

Most of us have selected bunch of favorite websites that we access almost every time we are online. How about accessing favorite websites using shortcut key instead of hitting favorite bars or typing URL? shortcutkey2URL firefox extension makes this process real easy while you browse

Skip MegaUpload waiting time & download directly

Megauploadis very popular file hosting and file sharing website. However, like many such websites - free users have to wait for few seconds and stare at advertisements before the final download link appears. MU Bundle Final firefox extension aims to free you from wait agony and access

How to download Facebook photo albums?

Facebook is very popular networking website and it hosts more photos than even photo sharing websites like Flicke, Photobucket. So, there ought to be an easy way to download loads of photos from Facebook. FacePAD Facebook Photo Album Downloader is a Firefox extension that makes this

Download full size Flickr photos with a right click

Flickrhas huge collection of interesting photos. Downloading full size Flickr photos can be a task involving few clicks. You can make this process real easy by using Firefox extension flickr original. Just download and install Flickr original to your Firefox web browser, restart Firefox

Download & Save all images on a webpage

So you have opened a webpage with loads of images that should be copied. Now begins the tiring process of manually copying and saving each image on a webpage. Hang on - there is better, faster and easier way to do so using 'Save Images' Firefox extension. Using this, you can download and

More your Google Notebook to Zoho Notebook

Google Notebook has stopped development and existing Google Notebook users are looking for alternatives. We have already seen detailed procedure to move Google Notebook contents to Ubernote. There are number of alternatives, if Ubernote does not excite you - head over to Zoho