Capture website screenshot of full / specific region in Firefox

Shooter is a cool Firefox plugin for taking quick screenshot of webpages viewed in Firefox browser. You can capture screenshot of full page or specific selected region. It can save final screenshot as JPG or PNG image in high or low quality. By default, full screen webpage is capture and

Block images on websites to surf internet faster in Firefox

Images on a website take maximum amount of bandwidth. More images slows down loading of a webpage. One quick and easy way to surf internet faster and save bandwidth is by blocking image loading on websites. This can be easily done in Firefox using "Image Block" addon. It allows internet

Automatic webpage language translation in Firefox with WorldWide Lexicon plugin

If you often browse webpages containing language not known to you, then World Wide Lexicon addon can break those language barriers. This Firefox addon automatically detect webpages with foreign languages and converts them in language known to you (or based on current languages settings of

See Firefox usage stats, browsing history & download activity

Do you want see detailed & graphical stats of your internet browsing usage? About:me is a cool firefox addon, that reveal details user browsing statistics, history and download activity. It shows final statistics in an easy to understand bar graphs and pie charts. You can easily follow

Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail web email notifier in Firefox

Email notifier is a handy application to get alerts for new emails without having to open specific web email account in web browser. Now you can receive email alerts while browsing internet within Firefox browser using WebMail Notifier plugin. It checks your web email account and give

See Firefox Status Bar in Full screen mode

You can switch Firefox browser to full screen mode by pressing F11 key. In full screen mode, every menu bar is hidden. Only top menu pops up if you move mouse near top of Firefox window. Now you can display Status Bar while using Firefox in full screen mode with "Full Screen Status Bar"

Open, Edit & Save documents online using IE/Firefox plugin

If you deal with lot of documents and files online, then Open IT online plugin can make your techno life real easy. It is an addon for Firefox, Flock, Internet Explorer that allows to open, edit & save documents from anywhere. It can open different file types online without any need to

Add Safari like X-icon to clear URL & search fields in firefox

Old habits die hard... are you missing X icon in the end of search fieldswhile using Firefox on your Window powered computer? Xclear firefox extensionbrings X-icon back to URL and search fields. It is a light weight Firefox addon to add stylish X icon in the end part of URL and search

Foxtabs add different color to every tab in Firefox

Too many opened tabs confuse you or make it difficult for quick identification? FoxTabs can solve this problem in a colorful way. It assigns different color to each tab in Firefox for quick & easy identification. You don't have to mess around with settings of assigning color to each

Read comments on your posts all over web in Google Reader

Every blog post get shared and discussed on different social networking community websites like digg, twitter, friendfeed. Ever wanted to know comments on your blog post from all over web? gReader Firefox extension allows you to read comments on your blog post made by users at different

Hide or Remove ‘Like’ & ‘people liked’ in Google Reader

New 'Like' feature is all buzz for Google Reader users. Some users absolutely like this feature and keep hitting like button on posts they appreciate. You can even see list of all posts marked 'like'. However, some users do not like this feature as it clutters reading space by addition of 

Highlight selected text on webpages with right click

Ever wanted to highlight specific text on a webpage and see the highlight text when you again visit the same webpage? This is possible with light weight Firefox addon "Highlights", it allows you to highlight selected text on any webpage and save respective selection. When you again visit