Use encrypted Google search in Chrome & Firefox

Google has introduced "Google SSL search". It is an encrypted and more secure version of Google search. While using Google SSL, a direct connection between user computer and Google is created. Data transferred during Google search cannot be intercepted by any third party. You can easily

Check text to code ratio of any webpage

Actual text and code of a webpage is an important parameter for evaluating webpages. Text to Code ratio measure can be used for webpage analysis for SEO (search engine optimization). You can easily view percentage of text to percentage of code of any webpage within Firefox browser using

Extended Firefox statusbar like Opera

Do you want detailed status bar in Firefox browser like one in Opera? Extended Status Firefox plugin adds functionality of extended status bar in Firefox browser. It show lot of information including: percentage of the page loaded, number of loaded images, bytes downloaded, load time and

Hotmail email notifications in Firefox

Do you want to stay updated with new emails from Hotmail account while browsing web in Firefox browser? You can easily do this by using Hotmail Watcher Firefox plugin. You can configure it to auto-check for new messages in your Hotmail account from Firefox status bar.  It can send sounds,

Increase font size of Firefox address bar URL text

Do you find address bar URL text too small? You can easily improve readability of URL in the Firefox address bar by increasing its font size. "Make Address Bar Font Size Bigger" Firefox plugin increases font size of text in the address bar. Bigger font looks better with more visibility and

Change Throbber loader image in Firefox

A Throbber(also known as Loader image) is a graphic found in a graphical user interface of a computer program especially in  browser, that animates to show the user that the program is performing an action.For example when you are loading or reloading a window in Firefox, in the tab you

How to Disable Addons in Firefox & Internet Explorer

Addons (also called plugins, extension) adds more functionality to your browser & simplify tasks. Addons are available to add different type of features to your browser. More addons in a browser can make it slow and few addon may post security risk. In such case, you can always disable

Preview websites without clicking & opening weblink

Ideally, we click through weblinks to open and view website contents. While browsing internet, most of us are interested in quick preview of webpages and finally get to the webpage with required information. Also, during such webpage browsing we may stumbled into Not Safe for Work (NSFW)

Change Facebook colors look: Firefox, Greasemonkey

Are you bored with the blue and white tone of Facebook and looking for refreshing change? You can easily change color of your Facebook profile interface and there is no need to install any theme for this change. This change can be implemented within Firefox browser using an GreaseMonkey

Smart ways to Print selective parts of webpages [save ink, paper]

If you print lot of webpages on reguarly basis, then small adjustment in printing routine can save lot of paper and print ink. Ideally, a user does not need all webpage elements in hard copy format like advertisements, header, logos etc. Hence, instead of printing whole webpage you can

Simple Google Search look in Firefox

Do you love simple white minimalist interface as against glossy image laden look? We have already seen cool way to render simple minimalist whilte look to Gmail inbox, now you can do same to Google Search website. Google Minimalist is a plugin that loads website in pure simple

How to Copy text without formatting in Firefox

We often copy text from webpage and save them for future reading in the form of word documents. By default, text formatting like font size, style, color also accompanies copied text in the final document. There are utilities that strip text formatting from clipboard text on Windows and MAC