Skype video calls on iPhone & iPad

Skype provide a simple and easy interface for audio and video calling. Previously, Skype was available for 3G calls on iPhone and basic calling on iPad device. With latest update to Skype app for iPhone and iPad: you can make free video calls using wi-fi connection (in addition to 3G

Setup & use free Find my iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Is your Apple device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - lost or gone missing? You could easily track missing Apple device using paid Mobile Me service. Now this service is free for users using latest iOS 4.2 (and above) software update on their Apple devices. You can easily setup free 'Find

Which IOS 4 features work on iPod touch

IOS 4 software update brings in lot of new features and enhancement to Apple products. We have already seen supported feature list addition for iPhone 3G, 3GS as a result of IOS 4 update. If you are an iPod touch user, then you can also get IOS 4 features on your iPod touch device

Ipod browser for Windows: Froddle Pod

Are you looking for easy to use way manage Ipod contents? Froddle Pod is free and feature rich manager program for Windows computer. Besides viewing files on the Ipod, you can easily transfer files between PC and Ipod device. It also support other advance features like backup, sync,

Convert movies to iPod Podcast M4V format

Do you want to quickly convert movie video file into podcast for your iPod? PodcastHelper is a simple portable tool for such conversion. It allows you to convert video file into M4V or MP4 format using easy to use 'drag ad drop' interface. Final created file is in iPod-compatible podcast

Recover & backup iPod images on PC : Pod Photo Transfer

Pod Photo Transfer is a free programs to recover and backup images from iPod, iPhone device to your computer. It allows you to transfer and backup images in high resolution format (upto 720x480px). It works with all generations of iPod Nano, IPod Touch and iPhone. Features of Pod

Copy / transfer music, videos from iPod to PC

We have already seen iPhone Explorer application for quick transfer of files from iPhone to PC. "POD to PC" is another free and very easy to use application to copy & transfer files from iPod, iPhone to your PC. You can transfer music, videos and playlists from iPod to your computer.

Download iTunes 8.1 – Faster & smatter

Apple has released new version of iTunes (version 8.1). This version promises to be faster, smatter and better. You should see considerable speed improvement while using newer version of iTunes. It reponds faster while trying to load large libraries, browsing the iTunes Store and syncing

Make Skype Calls from iphone using Fring

Now make Skype Calls from your iPhone without using any hack (or jailbreaking) with Fring. It is now available on the App Store making it easy for anyone to use fring on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch. Fring is a mobile internet service & community that

Convert Podcast feed into an iPhone website

Podcast Producers, what to expand your audience to iPhone and iPod Touch users with free iphone ready websites? VenueM lets you do same for free. It converts any RSS podcast feed into an iPhone - iPod Touch web site instantly. To get started, create a free account and enter relevant RSS

iPod Nano 4G Officially unveiled as thinnest iPod ever

Steve calls iPod Nano 4G as the thinnest iPod ever with new Genius playlist, shake to shuffle feature and 24-hour battery for music or 4-hours for video. It looks slim and small width-wise

Ipod to Ipod Music Transfer without using computer

Want to transfer tunes from friend's iPod to yours real quick? Don't have a laptop or PC around for the transfer? iPod to iPod transfer device is an alternative you need for rel quick help in such situations. Using this transfer device you can quickly transfer music, videos and pictures