Change look of Shutdown dialog box [add skins]

Are you bored of same looking shutdown dialog box? Give your shutdown dialog box a makeover by making it skinnable. Shedko sShutdown adds new look and color to your shutdown dialog box making it really pleasing to look at. It sits on system tray, you can right click to access various

Windows7 like clock on system tray in Vista & XP

Windows7 sports all new taskbar in terms of looks and components placement. For example, clock on system tray also show day-date information besides the time. It looks cool and render different looking clock area on the system tray. Now you can get similar clock on your Vista or XP

Resize images with right click [XP, Vista resizer]

Are you looking for an easy method to resize images quickly? How about right clicking on the image to get this job done? Image Resizer Powertoy adds 'resize image' option to the right click menu. Just right click on any image and then click on 'Resize pictures' option. Related - 5+

Fix & repair XP computer with Reimage

If you are still using Windows XP computer (like numerous other loyal users), then reimage online repair service should interest you. It is an online repair tool that quickly repairs broken Windows software specially designed for XP users. Best part, during repair procedure you do not lose

Is my computer compatible for Windows 7, Vista, IE?

Are you thinking of installing new version of Internet Explorer or latest Windows Update? Do you want to make sure, new software addition wont turn things bad on the computer? Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit can help you analyse and check for compatibility issue that may arise

See list of Windows update, uninstall them [XP only]

Windows updates (service packs and hotfixes) are very important to keep system updated and secure. However, sometimes an update can cause more trouble than good on the system. WinUpdatesList utility allows you to see list of Windows update installed on the computer. You can

Transform Windows XP look like Windows Seven

Windows Seven official launch still got time, how about relishing Windows Seven looks on your Windows XP computer without bells and whistles? NiwradSoft has free theme download pack, just install the theme pack and reboot your XP computer. You will be greeted with Windows Seven login

XP to Windows 7 upgrade: yes, no, maybe?

We have already seen Microsoft plans for offering Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade. Vista users can buy Windows7 upgrade kit and install over existing Vista without losing any data or software installed on the computer. What about Windows XP users? Unlike Vista to Windows 7 upgrade,

Relish Fab 5 Windows7 features in Vista / XP

Windows7 official release will still take sometime to mature. Incase you want to tryout new Windows7 features on your Windows Vista or XP computer, then following is for you. Checkout utilities and software to get Windows7  features in Vista / XP. 1. Aero Shake - Just shake any opened

Is my Windows Vista & XP 32bit or 64bit version?

We never bother to check if Windows Vista or Windows XP installed on computer is 32bit or 64bit version. However, bells ring when you need to know exact version to install any specific program or for any other task. 32bit or 64bit? It is not difficult to check on the exact version of

10 Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts you may not know!

Majority of us still use Windows XP (Why? - you would know that). Many us still drive mouse pointer crazy to do simple task in Windows XP (Why? - this is only way we know, probably). Here is the list of 10 Windows XP Keyboard shortcuts you may not know: CTRL + Shift while dragging