How to clear clipboard contents / data automatically

Clipboard hold data from your recent copy action. We tend to press Ctrl + C to copy data multiple times and then get busy attending other things on the computer. We care least to realize, anyone can access clipboard contents and later use that data. It is always advisable to clear

Remove Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) print queue

XPS document format in Windows Vista is a document format, Windows spool file format and page description language (PDL) for printers. XPS Removal tool can come handy, if you do not want to use Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) printer to create XPS document on the computer. You can

Create New Folder with keyboard shortcut hotkey in Windows XP

Keyboard shortcut hotkeys or direct access are always easy to perform tasks quickly. Upcoming Windows 7 operating has in-built functionality to create new folder using keyboard shortcut key. Do you want similar functionality on Windows XP computer? Small utility bxNew folder does this with

Check website in internet explorer versions [IE 5.5, 6, 7, 8] on Windows 7, Vista & XP

We have already seen cool tool to install multiple version of Internet Explorer browser to check website rendering. IETester is a similar tool to check website rendering and look in different versions of Internet Explorer including: IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Windows 7, Vista and XP

Windows 7 Show Desktop button in XP & Vista on right side of taskbar

Windows 7 feature big glossy rectangle button to "show desktop" and minimize all opened windows. Now you can get similar button on Windows XP and Vista PC using "Show Desktop XP" app by Cellular. It will show glossy vertical rectangle button on right side of taskbar next to system

See hardware, software System Information of Windows 7, Vista & XP computer

Ideally one can goto to system properties, device manager to view hardware information and add & remove programs list to view software on the computer. These in-built Window features provide very little information about hardware and software on your Windows based computer. SIW (System

Tranform XP to look like Google Chrome OS with free theme

Google Chrome operating system announcement made lot of buzz recently. While official Google Chrome OS release is still few months or years away, here is a free XP theme for some Google Chrome OS play on your Windows XP computer. Chrome XP V4 is a free theme that transforms your Windows XP

Download XP mode for Windows 7 for easy migration & compatibility

You can emulate Windows XP environment in newer Windows 7 operating system for easy compatibility. It also help ease out migration process to Windows 7  by providing additional compatibility for their older productivity applications for different small and medium-sized businesses. "...

How to migrate & transfer files, settings in XP to Window 7 upgrade?

Microsoft has already spelt out, there is NO easy upgrade option for Windows XP users. While Windows Vista users can directly use upgrade DVD to change from Vista to Windows 7 without data lose - same is not possible for Window XP users. They need to backup files, settings which should be

Compare features of Windows 7, XP and Vista

Microsoft has released feature comparison chart of different Windows operating system including: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows 7. It is a PDF file that has exhaustive comparative listing of different features of each operating system. Comparison is done under

Windows7 like Superbar on XP [large taskbar icons]

Windows7 superbar has taskbar showing only large icons for each opened window. Now you can get same functionality and looks on your Windows XP computer using ViGlance utility. It is a portable utility, just download, extract and double click to see changes to your XP taskbar. Related

Get Vista start button ‘Orb’ on Windows XP

Are you tired of seeing big start button on your Windows XP computer? Well, you can enjoy the goodness of Windows XP with the jazz of Vista start button (round icon also called 'Orb) using ViOrb. Just download, extract files and double click to see your XP start button change into Vista