Upload & share private unlisted Youtube videos

Ideally when you upload a Youtube videos, it is listed in spcific groups, channels and indexed by Youtube video search. Do you want to make Youtube videos private and hidden? Youtube has new "unlisted" video feature allowing you to upload and share private Youtube videos with specific

Search & tweet Youtube videos from desktop

If you happen to watch lot of Youtube videos and like to share them by sending tweet on Twitter, then make this routine easy and quick using TweetTube program. It is a free desktop program that allows you to search, view and tweet about Youtube videos from the desktop. Send tweet about

Pause & stop all Youtube videos in single click in Chrome

Do you love watching lot of Youtube videos in Google Chrome browser? Audio can get mashed up with multiple Youtube video playback and you may want to pause few videos to concentrate on single video (and later hop to other videos one by one). "YouTube Pause" extension allows you to quickly

Rent movies, TV show videos on Youtube

Youtube has lot of videos which you can watch for free anytime. It also has premium section called 'Youtube Rental' with listing of paid content feature movies and TV shows. Users can login into Youtube account and rent any available video using Youtube rental feature. Here is simple

Open neater Gmail & Youtube on iPad tablet

iPad tablet from Apple is making all the buzz with positive reviews. It promises great way to access web content and other content like ebooks, newspapers in a neat and large viewable format. You can also access Google services like Gmail, Youtube and more in tweaked manner best suited for

How to loop Youtube videos playback

Do you love watching Youtube videos continuously in a loop? Be default, you need to click play button to replay a Youtube video. Using following resources you can continuously loop any Youtube videos without too much hassle. Enjoy Youtube videos in looping format. 1. Use Youtube

Stop Youtube video buffering download

Ideally when you watch a Youtube video, it continues to download and buffer even when video is paused. Video buffering continues till you close the Youtube video page or drag the video slider to the end of video timeline. 'Stop buffering' option may be required when you are browsing

Watch high quality original version of Youtube videos

Youtube is a cool online place to watch videos related to any topic, person or place. However, sometimes the quality of video can be real turn off. Are you tired of broken pixels and poor quality streaming videos on youtube? Using a basic technique, you can watch videos in exact format as

Change Youtube video captions language, color, font

Subtitles and captions on Youtube videos is an effective feature on Youtube video watching. While there is option to turn off video captions, if you prefer to keep them ON - then you can customize the captions display. You can change the language of captions display and also customize

Turn Off video subtitle captions on Youtube videos

Youtube(.com) is amazing source to watch videos of virtually any type and category. Besides actual videos, you can also view caption text (video subtitles) while watching newer Youtube videos. While few users like this feature, other may find it irritating in normal flow of Youtube videos

Slow Youtube videos? Check video internet speed

"... why is Youtube video loading so slow on my computer?" Majority of Youtube video watchers has this question on mind. There are number of factors for slow video uploading and most important is related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you are using slow internet connection or