Hide & remove comments on Youtube videos

Youtube is a great place to watch cool videos of any category and choice. However, radical and non-sense commenting turns off the whole Youtube experience. At times we come across useless comments being posted on Youtube video page and while watching Youtube video, eye does catch on

Add Youtube videos tab on Facebook fanpage

If you have an active Youtube video channel and Facebook profile - how about linking them for more user interactivity? You can easily display your latest Youtube videos on a dedicated 'Youtube' tab on your Facebook fanpage in few simple clicks. Youtube tab on Facebook fanpage will display

How to create Playlist of Youtube videos

For an active Youtube user, huge number of videos related to account can overwhelm big time. With lot of videos, finding video that you want to view or share can take lot of time. Fortunately, you can easily organize Youtube videos neatly by making video playlists. This allows you to

Remove Youtube logo from embedded Youtube videos

Don't like Youtube logo that appears at bottom right part of the embedded video player? Now you can easily remove or hide Youtube logo from the default video player. Result will be much neater looking embedded video player window without the Youtube logo image on the video player screen.

New Bollywood films online: Free on Youtube BoxOffice

Youtube is a great place to watch cool videos of almost any type. Sometime back, latest movie trailors in HD format started appearing on Youtube. It was followed by few old hollywood and bollywood movies and TV shows being made available for free viewing online on Youtube. Here is a big

Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress without Plugin

Do you want to embed and display Youtube videos on your Wordpress blog? There are number of Wordpress plugins to extend functionality of Wordpress and do more. However, you can easily insert and show any Youtube video player on Wordpress blog post or page without any plugin script.

Watch Royal wedding live video online

The royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton take place on Friday, April 29, 2010 at Westminster Abbey. Lot of people will be present at the venue to join celebrations of the royal wedding of 2010. If you are not lucky enough to be invited for the wedding, you

Transfer Google videos to Youtube automatically

Google Video service allows you to upload, share and playback long videos with generous time limit and size. However, this cool free video hosting service is closing very soon. From April 29, 2011 videos uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback. So, it is important

Upload videos with drag & drop on Youtube

Youtube has largest online community of videos. You can watch videos of different types in both standard and HD quality format. Uploading videos on Youtube just became more easy with "Drag and drop" support. Now you can simply drag and drop video files to upload videos quickly to your

Upload HD videos to Youtube from iPhone [iOS 4.1]

iOS 4.1 software update introduce lot of new features like HDR photos and HD video uploading to Youtube. You can record HD videos on iPhone and directly publish them on Youtube website. To get started, you will need iOS 4.1 software update on iPhone and a Youtube account for sending videos

Ways to share videos privately online

Besides photos, now we tend to share lot of video content online. Privacy concerns always remain for any uploaded media including images and videos. You can explore following alternatives to upload and share videos privately. It allows strict sharing controls, as a result only genuine

Auto post Youtube activity updates on Orkut

If you are an active user of Youtube and Orkut, then you can easily share Youtube activities with Orkut buddies. You can setup and link your Orkut profile with Youtube account to automatically publish updates on Orkut. You can auto post Youtube activity updates on Orkut related to: Youtube