How to print Flickr pictures on Photo Book directly

If you regularly use Flickr for uploading and storing photos, then here is an update worth checking out. Now Flickr has integrated online Photo Books creation tool (web service). Using your existing pictures in Flickr account, you can directly create and print beautiful photo books in few

Convert photo into text HTML page of binary numbers

We can virtually draw image of anything using numbers, 0 1 binary and random characters. Doing this manually will take lot of time and precision thinking. We can easily generate binary HTML webpage format image from existing photo with the help of image to HTML webpage (ASCII art)

Free Photo Collage making online tools & software

Collage is a fun and creative way to showcase your personal and professional photos. With so many photos shared on social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter - photo collage is an interesting way to grab attention. Also, with better camera in

Photo Collage maker with PSD file output feature

Do you want to create Photo Collage and export it in Adobe Photoshop as PSD format file? Users familiar with Adobe Photoshop will love this method of creating highly customized photo collages. This saves time, as actually photo collage making is done in special photo collage maker software

How to add Stock photos in Google Drive documents

Google's online Word Processing suite "Google Docs' is not part of "Google Drive". With integration, you can create word, excel, presentation documents and keep them safely stored in free Google Drive storage space. While creating documents in Google Drive (Docs) you can easily insert

Add Instagram effects to images in Photoshop on Windows

Do you love adding Instagram like effects to your photos? Since Instagram is only available as iOS app for Apple devices, Window users might be looking for ways for similar implementation. Now you can render Instagram like filter effects to images using Adobe Photoshop software installed

Fix red eye, enhance, rotate & crop photos on iPad

iPad now has in-built tools for basic image editing and photo enhancement after iOS 5 update. In few taps you can remove red eye from photos and improve photo quality using enhance option. You can also perform photo editing routines like rotating photos or cropping some part of the image

How to send & share photos on Google Chat

Google Chat (web based gtalk) can be found on left sidebar of your Gmail inbox, Google+ interface. It allows quick chatting with your online Google friends. It is a very basic online chatting service allowing text chatting among online friends. Do you want to send and share images while

Create collage style cover photo for Facebook timelime

Many of us are now fan of Facebook's new profile page design also called timeline layout. Most striking part of this profile page design is huge profile cover photo. While Facebook does provide default functionality to select or upload photo, which adjusts automatically to display as cover

Make Google+ profile avatar photo with g+ button

Google+ craze is spreading fast and we often see avatar photos of users with prominent Google+ button and "I have moved to Google+" text specially for Facebook friends. Do you want to create similar Google+ style avatar photo? You can easily make such avatar image online using 'Google+

Download & backup Instagram photos with InstaPort

Do you love sharing photos using Instagram service on your Apple iPhone? If yes, how about backing up and saving copy of Instagram photos on your local computer hard drive? For starters: Instagram provide quick and easy way to share photo through their free iPhone application. Once you

Disable ‘Click to name’ pop-up in Picasa Web albums

Are you annoyed with 'Click to name' pop-up box appearing while viewing uploaded photos on Google Picasa Web? Ideally, 'click to name' pop-up box appear while viewing photos containing faces to allow photo tagging of friends. This can be very irritating while viewing a group photo, as