Add Share on Orkut button on WordPress blog

Orkut went for extreme makeover and got little closer to Facebook. Besides user interface changes, new features were also introduced. Just like Facebook and Twitter, now you can also add 'Share on Orkut' button to your Wordpress blog. A click on Share on Orkut button will post specific

Generate dummy test posts & comments on WordPress blog

At times we need to test Wordpress theme or plugin on test Wordpress install. We need to manually publish test posts and comments or import database containing few posts. You can avoid both of these options by quickly generating dummy test posts and comments using Lorem Ipsum Post

Show Ads only to [Google] search visitors on WordPress blog

Some advertisements like Google Adsense ads perform best with search engine traffic and does not perform well on indirect traffic. "Search Ad" Wordpress plugin allows you to show ads only on blog pages visited from search engine. With ads only showing to organic search engine traffic: CTR

Get TypePad features in WordPress blogs via plugins

TypePad blogging platform has been around for a while now. Its rival blogging platform 'Wordpress' has seen tremendous growth courtesy huge community, product improvements and large user base. Well, TypePad is now reaching to Wordpress users by offering official plugins. Using these

Show Twitter avatars in WordPress Comments

Wordpress has integerated gravatar support, as a result displays related Gravatar image of a commenter next to his/her comment on a Wordpress powered blog. Smashing Magazine has created new Wordpress plugin that shows Twitter avatar or image next to comments on Wordpress blog. This

Show Snow on WordPress Blog, its Christmas Time !

Snow symbolises winters, Christmas and holiday season for lot of fun and goodies. How about adding falling show effect to your Wordpress blog? Falling snow effect option is already live on blogs. To activate falling snow effect on your Wordpress

Moderate WordPress Blog Comments from desktop

"... Moderate Wordpress Blog comments from desktop". This is isn't a typo, Adobe Air based app 'Moderator' lets you do the same. It is a bundled package of a Wordpress plugin and

Show Number of Comments Badge in WordPress Blog

Is your blog very active with loads of visitor comments? You can have bit of fun, ego-boosting by showing number of comments in the form of colorful badge. Liz Strauss Comment Counter is a highly configurable “internet badge” that shows the number of comments your

Search WordPress Plugins, the Custom Easy way

Are you searching for a Wordpress plugin? Most likely, you will be using Google instead of search at! Search function on is from primitive ages and generally dish out crappy results. If you are also frustrated

iphonify WordPress Blog with WPTouch

WPTouch is a cool way to make your Wordpres Blog look cool and crisp when accessed via iphone. It is a complimentary theme installed as a plugin on your WordPress blog or website that will format your content for easy viewing on iphone. It is a highly-customized ‘theme

Add Flickr Photos Quickly to your WordPress Blog with Photo Dropper

Images can enhance the overall appeal of your blog posts. After writing a great post - do you involve in rigorous search for a related image? Then, download that image, upload it on your wordpress blog, add credits for image source and much more. Too much of effort? You can do

Create Mobile Version of WordPress Blog with a Plugin

We have already seen 5 Ways to Create or Convert existing website into mobile friendly website. Now here comes specific alternative for Wordpress Blogs in the form of a Wordpress Plugin 'WordPress Mobile Edition'. This plugins allows you to show an interface designed for a