Clear Recent Document List in Single Click [shorcut]

Windows keep history of document we open which can accessed by clicking Start > Documents. We already know the boring and long 5+ clicks procedure to clear this recent document list. Now you can save lot of clicks and time by using quick shortcut to clear recent document list using

Show System Information on desktop background screen

Do you want to show basic system information of the computer on desktop screen? While this may not be of much use for single computer workplace, it is essential for multiple computers workplace. BgInfo is a handy utility that displays basic system information on desktop or background

Turn OFF monitor display with keyboard shortcut

Turning OFF monitor when not in use is good habit that has many advantages like: prolonged monitor life, saves power, good for environment etc. Many of us tend to ignore this because this require user to press OFF button on the monitor - which is too much of task, isn't it? How about doing

Open new Internet Explorer Window in full screen maximized mode

Internet Explorer browser has improved over the years with new version releases. Still one cannot open new Internet Explorer window in full screen maximized mode. If you are eager to add this functionality then grab small utility "IE New Window Maximizer". It open new IE windows is full

Google Reader Notifier for unread items notification

If you love browsing websites, blogs via their RSS feeds using Google Reader, then here is notifier application to stay updated all the time. Google Reader Notifier is a free application for Windows users. It display desktop notification pop-up for unread items of your Google Reader

Minimize & rollup windows to the title bar

Ideally, we minimze opened window to taskbar or at max to the system tray clock area. Here is another interesting place to minimize opened Windows for cleaner looking desktop screen - minimize and rollup to the title bar of repective Windows. Cool utillty WinRoll make this all easy in

Gmail alerts for 2 accounts on Windows 7, Vista, XP desktop

We have seen number of Gmail notifier / alert applications, Spiffy is the latest addition. It is a small Gmail notifier that send desktop email notification for upto 2 Gmail accounts. Besides Windows Vista and XP support, it also works fine on Windows 7 operating system. Notification

Check email from multiple (5) Gmail accounts

Many of us have more than one Gmail account for different personal and professional email needs. Ideally, one would login - logout from one Gmail account and then login - logout into other Gmail account. This is boring routine and takes lot of time. Gmail Notifier can make this little

Portable desktop Alarm clock for timely sound alerts

Easy Timer is an easy to use portable desktop alarm clock application. It has basic interface and functionality to produce sound alerts at specified time. It does not require installation: just download, unzip and launch the desktop alarm clock. Application window show analog clock with

Capture screenshot of desktop screen at regular interval to supervise PC usage

If you have kids and other young users accessing internet on home computer, supervision is an important task. One needs to keep check on websites young users access while using computer while they are alone. If blocking specific websites is too much of hassle, then try supervision by

Gmail email Notifier, Windows & Mac desktop apps

If you are MAC user and want to stay updated on Gmail status without having to open Gmail in web browser - then grab Gmail Notifier application to ease out techno life. Notifier application sends desktop notification for any new email message on your Gmail account and keeps you updated all

Windows 7 Show Desktop button in XP & Vista on right side of taskbar

Windows 7 feature big glossy rectangle button to "show desktop" and minimize all opened windows. Now you can get similar button on Windows XP and Vista PC using "Show Desktop XP" app by Cellular. It will show glossy vertical rectangle button on right side of taskbar next to system