Rearrange & sort buttons on Windows taskbar

Most of us are in habit of opening favorite website and application windows in specific order. Sometimes we close a window and re-opening show its button in different position / location on the taskbar. From here on, either we have to work with new position of buttons or close all windows

Disable close of app window & pin to system tray

Do you have any application window that should not be closed? Also, you do not want it to be minimized on task bar to prevent viewing or closure of that application window by other users. TrayTask is a simple utility that cleans up your taskbar and pins any app window from taskbar to

Email & IM desktop notification with Meebo Notifier

Meebo is leading web based multi messenger service. It now has notifier application that can installed on Windows based computer for instant desktop notification. You can login into your IM account at any service like: AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk etc and receive notification pop up for any

Icons: Save position, hide, make background transparent

Iconoid is all in one utility to manage icons and its related aspects in few simple clicks. It allows you to save and restore icon position for every screen resolution. You can make background of all icons transparent or select any solid background color of your choice. Related -

Add shortcut names to programs & open from Run box

Click on start > Run, a little box pops up - you can type full path of any application, folder or file in the run box and access it directly. However, typing the full path is too consuming and of boring (of course). AddToRun utility makes this  fun and super ease in using run box to

Receive Orkut scrap notification on desktop

If you are an Orkut addict, then staying in sync with new scraps from Orkut friends is very important. No need getting tired of refreshing Orkut webpage for checking latest scraps, following are two ways to be in touch with latest Orkut scrap notifications: 1. Orkut Scrap Notifier -

Change look of Shutdown dialog box [add skins]

Are you bored of same looking shutdown dialog box? Give your shutdown dialog box a makeover by making it skinnable. Shedko sShutdown adds new look and color to your shutdown dialog box making it really pleasing to look at. It sits on system tray, you can right click to access various

Track multiple eBay auctions real time on desktop

If you are tired of opening browser page again and again to check ebay auction information - then get a life using eBay auction desktop tracker. Just enter the auction ID and this application will pull related details like: item details, currency, number of bids, prices, seller's

Divide desktop screen into multiple regions

Do you want to work simultaneously with contents on multiple windows? One options is manually resizing windows on desktop and try real hard to fit them on desktop screen. Other easy way is using cool utility MaxTo that divides desktop screen in multiple regions. Whole screen will be like a

Programs loading at Windows start, WhatIn Startup

It is very important to know programs loading at Windows start. While there is manual way of using Msconfig utility to see such details, everyone isn't comfortable with it. What In Startup is a cool utility to easily see list of programs loading at Windows start. It does not require

Heart on Fire Screensaver, wallpaper, desktop gadget

See flaming heart on your computer with 'Heart on Fire' goodies including: screensaver, wallpapers and a desktop gadget. It shows live heart beating while heart shape object burns bright on the desktop. It renders unbelievable realistic and smooth real-time fire effect. Heart on Fire

Hide windows on desktop & tabs on taskbar, boss!

Say, while at work you are surfing internet instead of doing office work. Your boss is coming and you quickly close all windows on desktop showing non-office work content. Hey, why not hide those windows instead of closing them? And continue browsing them when boss is out of the