Detailed laptop battery status with BatteryBar

In-built Windows utility show the status of battery and indicate if its charging or running out of power. If you want more detailed information with neat graphically loaded display then checkout BatteryBar. It sits on system tray and display all the important battery information in pop-up

Facebook, Orkut, MySpace updates on desktop

There are many web users who are hooked to multiple social networking websites. We have different friends using different website for social networking and hence end up making account on most of them. Facebook, Orkut and MySpace are leading websites to network with friend with ease.

How to Save & Restore position of desktop icons?

Placement of desktop icons is a very personal thing and every user has his/her way of customizing it. Incase you change screen resolution, icon placement get all messed up and you have to spend extra time restoring favorite icon layout on the desktop screen. Icon positioning can also go

Put Outlook Calendar on desktop for easy access

Do you want to access your Outlook calendar all the time and don't want to click on maze of windows to see it? Well, here is a simple alternative - you can place fully functional Outlook calendar on the desktop and eliminate any need for click to see calendar contents. Outlook on

Switch & change default web browser via right click

If you have more than one web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) installed on the computer - this can confuse Windows and you need to specify the default web browser. Ideally you can set default web browser by going to browser settings and options. If Firefox is set

Spilt / divide screen for best use of Widescreen LCD

Do you use high resolution widescreen monitor? And still working in Windows like those good old days of CRT / low resolution monitors? Well, see and do more work with great ease by splitting windows on your high resolution widescreen monitor for free. WinSplit Revolution is a free

Desktop Graffiti, Vandalize desktop by spraying paint

Desktop Graffitist is a cool application for fun with anything on your desktop. It allows you to spray paint on desktop and create Graffiti aka Desktop Graffiti. This little application is good enough for your creative release and for some fun while working (or sitting idle). Using this

Find, open & upload Google Docs from the desktop

We have already seen cool way to access Gmail messages from the desktop via new Google Desktop gadget. Here comes another Google Desktop gadget for your Google Docs. It allows quick access to your Google Docs and help you search, open and upload them on the fly. While at work, you can

Christmas Tree with countdown Clock on desktop

Spice up your 'Techno Christmas' by placing a virtual Christmas tree on the desktop just above system clock. There are number of skins to chose style of Christmas tree you want. You can also display countdown for days until Christmas, New Year and Julian Christmas. There is more, listen

Use Video as desktop Wallpaper on WinXP computer

XPScene is a cool free utility that allows you to use any video as desktop wallpaper. It generates a HTML file with embedded Windows Media Player (playing the selected video file). That HTML file is used as desktop background that actually plays the selected video. To get started, after

Access Gmail on desktop with new desktop gadget

Gmail team seems to be in over-drive to keep you busy trying out new with Gmail. It recently got all color, design and jazz with Gmail themes. Here is new bump on Gmail accessibility front. You can access Gmail on desktop without opening web browser. This is possible using new Google

View & Edit files on Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3

We have already seen Xoopit to access contents of Gmail attachments at one place in user friendly thumbnail & explorer like format. Gladinet does same but with lot of supported services. It allows you to view and edit files stored on your Google Docs, Picasa, Amazon S3 and lots