Minimize all windows except the one you (Aero) Shake

'Aero Shake' is one of the interesting features in upcoming Windows 7. This feature allows you to minimize all windows except the Windows you shake. So, if you shake a window with mouse - it will stay on the screen and all other windows will minimize automatically. Now, you can enjoy

Automatically move files from Desktop to any Folder

Here is an interesting way to keep desktop clean and spanking tidy with cute free utility 'Desktop Teleporter'. It automatically moves newly added files from desktop to a specific (pre-defined) folder. Most of us tend to download and paste files directly on the desktop. This results in

Create Fake & Funny Windows Error Message Box

An average Windows user would have seen Windows error message box once in a while. Most of these error messages are sane which guide you and inform you about task at hand. You can add some insanity to them by creating fake and funny Windows error message boxes using 'The Message Box

‘WorkSmart’ remind you Breaks while on computer

Are you too engrossed while working on computer? This may have resulted in break schedule going haywire. 'WorkSmart' a cool utility that reminds you for taking breaks, as you work on computer. This cute utility sits on system tray and reminds to go 'for lunch' or 'head to home'. Menu

‘AutoRuns’ show super details of startup programs

Number of programs load during Windows startup. MSConfig utility can be used to see list of such programs - if you are hungry for more (super) details, tryout 'AutoRuns'. This utility has the most comprehensive knowle

Rename Recycle Bin, My Computer & more in few clicks

By default you cannot rename 'Recycle Bin' and other system icons on the desktop. It is possible by making few registry changes. This can be a task for an average computer user. Desktop Renamer helps you rename icons with any manual registry changes. Using this free utility, you can

Shutdown & Reboot computer quickly from Taskbar

Are you bored of reboot and shutdown of computer from start menu that involves multiple clicks? Well, make things little easy and different by performing shutdown, log-off and reboot from taskbar. iPower is a tiny utility that allows you to quickly perform shutdown, log-off and reboot

View IP address in a cute window with ShowIP

Need a quick and cute way to see current IP (LAN & WAN) on your computer. ShowIP is a handy utility, that simply shows you the current IP address. It allows quick way to check or share IP with friends

Free Screen Capture software, get easy with Hardcopy

Hardcopy is a free and very effective software to capture and save screenshots in Windows. Using this you can capture and save current window or whole window. After the capture, you can perform basic editing operations like image snipping, color changes and much more. It also allows you

3+ Ways to Twitter from Desktop powered by AdobeAir

Are you a Twitter Addict? Even if you are NOT a Twitter addict and use Twitter once a while following should be of REAL use. Now you can do all Twitter stuff right from the comfort of your desktop. Here are 3 cool apps to get going: 1. Alert Thingy - Send and receive Twitter updates

Whos.Amung.Us Notifier, Live Stats on System tray is free widget based web service to track live statistics of any blog or website. Just copy the code to your website or blog template and see live stats on your unique URL. Recently, went for little makeover allowing you to see all on 'One page'. If you are

Copy Messages & Codes from Error Boxes with Ease

So you just got an error message dialog box or pop-up window. Not sure how to copy the exact text on the error window? Most of use tend to use 'print screen' button and save image screenshot of error window. Then begins the tiring process of manually