Find physical Server location of host website & ip address

Do you want to know the exact physical location of the server hosting specific website or ip address? You may need such information while researching on prospective hosting company's server location for future use. There are few free online tools that can extract physical geographical

Free apps to track physical location on iPhone & iPad

Tracking of physical location secretly by iOS devices like iPhone, iPad caused huge controversy. Apple released iOS software update for possible fix to this issue. Some users may have liked the idea of tracking and sharing physical location as they use their iOS devices including iPhone

Disable location tracking service on Windows Phone

User privacy in terms of location data is very important concern for every mobile user. If you are using mobile phone with Windows Phone operating system, then following should help in understand location data collected through your phone and how it is used. For starters, mobile device

Enable Twitter geotagging to add location to tweets

Do you want to add physical location reference in tweets on your Twitter account? You can easily insert location information in tweet using 'geotagging' feature on Twitter. Besides this feature, you should be tweeting from web browser supporting geolocation feature (fortunately, majority

Disable Facebook ‘places’ to hide location from friends

Facebook Places is a geolocation feature that allows Facebook users to share their current location or place with other Facebook friends. We have already seen quick and easy procedure to use Facebook Places feature to share your location. Few users may want to turn off this feature due to

Share location on Facebook with ‘places’ feature

'Places' is a geolocation feature on Facebook that allows you to share your current location or place with Facebook friends. As of now, this is only available to users in the United States with mobile access (to Facebook app for iPhone or It will be available to more

Disable Geo location feature in Opera

Majority of modern web browsers now support Geo Location functionality. This feature enables web browser to send your physical location details to websites requesting for the same. Few users may want to turn off this feature due to privacy concerns. If you use Opera as default browser, you

Disable Geo Location services in Safari browser

Number of websites like Google Maps use physical location details to provide relevant information. If you are accessing website in browser with active "Geo location" feature, then website can extract your physical location details. However, few users may not want to share their location

Check Geolocation feature of web browser online

Not sure if your web browser has active geolocation feature? HTML5's geolocation feature allows website to access your current physical location details (including location Latitude and Longitude parameters). You can easily check if your default browser support geolocation feature and turn

Turn off GeoLocation aware browsing in Firefox

Websites that use physical location information (like Google Maps) for providing content can extract that information using Geolocation aware feature of web browser. We have already seen easy way to disable geolocation in Google Chrome. If you are using Firefox, following is quick