Access Gmail attachments offline with offline Gmail

Recently, Gmail added  new feature with ability to access email offline even when there is no internet. This is possible using Google Gears, which downloads and syncs Gmail contents on your computer as soon as live internet connection is available. Now, besides email messages you can

Eliminate duplicate Gmail contacts, just merge them!

Do you have two or more contact details for same person in your Gmail contact list? Well, its time to do some cleanup to organize and work in a better manner in Gmail. You can easily eliminate duplicate contacts by merging them. Login into Gmail, click on contacts link on the left

Gmail Signature with your location, new feature

New experimental features keep coming on Gmail, latest include ability to add location to your Gmail signature. So next time you receive an email, question like "Where are you from?" can be easily answered by looking at location in signature of the received email. This is an optional

Multiple windows / inboxes in Gmail inbox

Now you can have multiple windows in your Gmail inbox. Whole Gmail inbox can be divided into different windows each showing specific type of emails in your Gmail account. This is possible using new feature 'Multiple Inboxes', allowing you to see more in the same amount of space. Following

Gmail folders aka labels, how to use them?

Gmail has always focused on labels rather than folders, while Yahoo Mail always had folders for easy management of emails. Gmail has just added new feature that makes label work more like folders. You can select any email message and place in under specific label (or folder) in gmail. With

Watch Youtube Videos in Gmail Chat window

Youtube videos are everywhere these days. Slideshare introduced feature to embed and play any Youtube video in any slide in your SlideShare presentation. Now, even Gmail Chat will play any Youtube video for you. So, if your friend sends you Youtube link while chatting on Gmail chat - no

Reply & Archive emails in Gmail with Single click

Gmail gets another feature bump with 'Send and Archive' functionality. Everyday we reply to so many emails and then selectively archive few of them by clicking more and more. This new feature promises great time saver that involves less clicking. After you enable it, on reply window you

Integrated Yahoo, Gmail & Downloads area @ is trying really hard to get attention and visitors on the website. In one single week it broke into top position and is now NO2 website in India. It integrated all its portals on like became - became - and so on. They

Create Document from any Email received on Gmail

Gmail just bumped up another cool feature for your important emails. 'Create a document' feature allows you to convert and save any email in Google Docs format in just a single click. After you enable this feature, you will get an option 'Create a document' while browsing email messages.

How to Twitter in Gmail quickly with ease ?

Gmail is becoming a powerhouse to do more than just checking and sending emails. Now you can also Twitter within Gmail without having to jump onto new browser window to access Twitter account. This is possible using Google Gadget 'Twitter Gadget' that be easily added to Gmail. Using

View PDF Files received on Gmail within Web Browser

Till now if you receive any PDF file as attachment on Gmail, you had to click on 'view' link that will bring up PDF file contents in HTML format minus formatting and images. Well, from here on clicking 'view' link will open PDF file in all its glory within web browser. In short, you can

Send Free SMS from Gmail Chat anywhere in US

Google (Gmail) has been busy with free SMS feature for a while now. Google claims to have resolved all bottlenecks and now this service is all cheese atleast within United States. So, from here on you can send free SMS from