Use Yahoo Messenger IM on iPad

Yahoo Messenger has been one of the favorite instant messenger to stay connected with online buddies. Now all the goodness of Yahoo Messenger is available for iPad users. New and improved Yahoo Messenger app optimized for iPad experience is now available for free download. This allows you

Free apps to track physical location on iPhone & iPad

Tracking of physical location secretly by iOS devices like iPhone, iPad caused huge controversy. Apple released iOS software update for possible fix to this issue. Some users may have liked the idea of tracking and sharing physical location as they use their iOS devices including iPhone

Use iPad slide switch to lock screen / mute [iOS 4.3]

By default slide switch on iPad device was used to lock screen orientation display. However, with iOS 4.2 update slide switch worked as mute button and did not lock screen orientation display anymore. Now with latest iOS 4.3 update, iPad users can chose to make slide switch to either lock

Improve Facetime video call quality on iPad

Newer iPad 2 has two cameras and hence allow facetime calls. With a tap you can make video calls from your iPad 2 to someone else’s iPad 2, iPhone 4, new iPod touch or Mac over Wi-Fi connection. You can conduct facetime calls in good quality provided both communicating parties are using

Disable auto renew of Apps subscription in iTunes

Some apps in the App Store has auto renewing subscription and they auto renew automatically after specific subscription period like 7 days, one year and so on. You can check for this in Manage App Subscriptions section on the Account Information Screen. Turn Off auto renew of Apps

New ipad 2 features

Apple has unveiled new iPad 2 device with cool new features. There are changes in the physical form factorwith iPad2 being thinner and lighter than iPad 1. With iOS software update, there are new things you can try on iPad 2 device. New iPad 2 has cameras with faster processor for superior

What is iPad 2 price

Apple has announced new version of iPad device. iPad 2 come with loads of new features and enhancements. There are noticeable changes in the size, shape and form factor of the iPad device. As expected, iPad2 device is aggressively priced with usual price points. Following is detailed

Translate text & voice language on iPhone & iPad

Do you want to perform quick language translation on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Download official Google Translate app for iOS devices from iTunes for your language translation needs. It allows you to translate words and phrases in more than 50 languages. You can simply speak phrases

Skype video calls on iPhone & iPad

Skype provide a simple and easy interface for audio and video calling. Previously, Skype was available for 3G calls on iPhone and basic calling on iPad device. With latest update to Skype app for iPhone and iPad: you can make free video calls using wi-fi connection (in addition to 3G

Tips to improve iPad battery life

Battery degrades and loses its full capacity over a period of time. However, you can adopt few usage practices to slow down this degrade for longer battery life on your iPad device. Following tips should help maintain and improve the time for which iPad will run before it must be recharged

Best temperature condition for using iPad

Just like any electronic device, Apple iPad can get damaged if used under extreme temperature conditions. Hence, it is important to use iPad under normal room temperature conditions as explained below. Excessive heat or chill can cause harm to your Apple iPad device and it may not work

Disable apps install & deletion on iPad, iPhone

Apps (applications) are very handy for getting additional features and functionality on Apple iPad, iPhone devices. You can easily install apps of your choice and delete them as per requirement. However, at times you may want to prevent users from changing apps on your Apple device. In