Find old menu commands on new Office 2010 ribbon

Microsoft Office 2010 has lot of new feature including extension of ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007 version. Users comfortable with old Office menus, might get confused to find location of commands on new Office 2010 ribbon interface. You can perform quick transition from old

Free upgrade of Office for Mac 2008 to 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 should be available by end of October 2010. Microsoft has already announced Office for Mac 2011 price and version details. User buying Office for Mac 2008 between Aug 1, 2010 and Nov 30, 2010 are eligible for free upgrade to 2011 version as and when it is

Office for Mac 2011 price & versions

Microsoft has announced availability details of newer version of Microsoft Office 2011 suite for MAC users. MS Office 2011 for Mac should be available by end of October 2010. Users buying Office for MAC 2008 from today can also claim free upgrade to Office for MAC 2011. Office 2011 for MAC

Add & insert hyperlink in Excel spreadsheet

We can make an Excel spreadsheet file more interactive by inserting links to relevant data like webpages, other parts of workbook, email address, documents and so on. You can easily insert and add hyperlink to specific part of worksheet in Excel spreadsheet to display related information

Download Office 2010

Microsoft has released new (stable) versions of Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Lot of users downloaded Office 2010 beta to get taste of all new features of Office 2010 software. Now you can try Office 2010 for free by downloading trial version. Also, you can buy Office software suite from

Block emails from specific country, region in Outlook

Do you want to block email messages that come from specific country or region? This can be easily implemented in Microsoft Outlook using "Blocked Top-Level Domains List" feature. It can block messages from email addresses with particular top level country domain or region code. Like

Attach & embed files in MS Word, Excel documents

Ideally, we will upload files seperately to some file hosting website and share with other users. This is not easy and involves extra steps of uploading and sharing file links. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Word or Excel document to share files. It allows you to insert files as

Install multiple versions of MS Office software

Do you want to use two or more different versions of Microsoft Office suite on same PC? A user may want to install and use Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2010 on single computer. Technically this is possible, however it is not recommended due to resulting conflicts and related issues

Remove Duplicate items in MS Excel worksheet

Removing duplicate items from data in Microsoft Excel worksheet can take lot of time and effort. If you are using older versions of MS Office Excel 2003 or earlier, you still have to delete duplicate threads manually. However, in Office 2007  and above, you can easily remove all the

Adjust Outlook 2010 calendar items with time zone change

Looking for an easy way to update Microsoft Outlook 2010 data when time zone definition is changed? Microsoft Office Outlook Tool "Time Zone Data Updater" tool for Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 64-bit makes this quick and easy routine. This tool allow you to adjust Outlook calendar items

Broadcast & share PowerPoint presentation on internet

New Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has very useful 'Broadcast slideshow" feature. This allows you to share your PowerPoint presentation remotely with anyone on the internet. While you present slideshow in PowerPoint, other users can view same presentation simultaneously in their web browser

Insert iStock photos in MS Word, PowerPoint documents

iStockphoto(.com) is a leading stock images website. If you happen to use lot of stock images within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, then makes things very easy and quick using iStock Office plugin. It is a MS Office addon that allows you to search and insert iStock photos from