Copy & insert table from MS Word into PowerPoint

Tables provide a neat way to present lot of data in PowerPoint and Word documents. Do you want to import and transfer table data created in Word document to a PowerPoint slideshow? This can be easily done using simple 'copy - paste' routine. Just select the table, copy it and then open

Open Visio 2010 files with free Microsoft Visio viewer

Do you want to open and preview Microsoft Visio drawings, diagrams without installing Microsoft Vision 2010 software? You can easily do this for free by installing Microsoft Visio 2010 viewer program. This program allows you to view and distribute Visio drawings and diagrams even if

Save PowerPoint files in Open document .odp format

Besides Microsoft PowerPoint program, there are number of offline and online tools to create beautiful presentation slideshows. Free presentation creators like OpenOffice, Slideshare and Google Doc use ODP (Open document presentation) file format extension to save presentation files.

Strikethrough, superscript & subscript text in MS Word

Besides formatting text by changing font type, size and color - you can also use strikethrough, superscript & subscript text for more styling. Strikethrough adds a line horizontally in the middle of selected text. You can also style vertical positioning by using superscript &

Remove & clear text formatting in Word 2010

You can style text in Word document manually or quick Style Sets for instant customization of text formatting. At times, we need to remove all text formatting from all or selected text. This can be easily done in Microsoft Word 2010 program by clicking 'Clear Formatting button'. This

Set default font style & size in MS Word 2010

For uniform look of Word documents, you can set default font style settings including font type and size. Once you set default font, all new documents will use that font style settings. This is a very useful feature for users who work at length creating and editing Word documents,

Save & edit Office 2010 files as PDF or XPS

Microsoft Office 2010 has default support for saving files in PDF or XPS format. Previously, we had to install save as XPS addon for option to save files in XPS format in Office 2007 or use free Microsoft XPS viewer software. However, in MS Office 2010 you can save file as XPS or PDF

Turn off picture compression in MS Word

Picture compression is a useful feature to reduce size of images inside MS Word document. The final size of Word document is reduced as a result smaller sized compressed photos. At times, you may want to display highest quality images and not low quality images as a result of picture

Compress photos in MS Word to reduce document size

Image optimization and compression is very important routine to share lot of photos without too much file size or data transfer. Picture compression allows you to reduce color format, allowing smaller sized photos without too much lose in picture quality. You can compress pictures

Change look of Word documents with Style Sets

Are you bored of default look of Microsoft Word documents? You can give fresh look to Word documents by changing style of different elements. Manually changing color, text size, font type etc will take lot of time and effort. You can quickly change style with greater perfection using

Open MS Word Office 2010 files in Office 2003, 2000

Just like Microsoft Office 2007, the newer version of Microsoft Office Word support docx file format for documents. By default, this file format in not supported by older version of Office software (2003 & below). Incase, you want to open Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents created

Save Word 2010 document in different file format

By default document created in Microsoft Word 2010 program are saved in docx format. You need to convert docx documents into doc format to able to open them in previous version of MS Office software. You can use Microsoft Word 2010 program to save current document in different file format,