View & Edit Outlook auto complete entry Nk2 list

Everytime you type an email address while sending email using Outlook, it is added to auto complete entry list. Next time you type similar email ID, you will get auto complete suggestion to complete the email address quickly. NK2View is a handy utility that allows you to view and edit

Print selected part of Email message in Outlook 2007

We can easily print selected part of any email message in Outlook 2003. However, this feature is missing in Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 Essential Addon brings back this feature in Outlook 2007. After the install, right click on any email message and then click on Outlook Essential Mail

Sync & use Google Apps in Microsoft Outlook

[Only for Google Apps Premier or Education Editions] Google Apps gets more user friendly for its enterprise users. If you still love the interface of Microsoft Outlook and ought to use Google Apps for business reasons, relief is here in the form of Google Apps Outlook sync for Google Apps

Access & insert Flickr images in Outlook 2007

Sharing images through email messages sent via Outlook is a daily routine for many web users. Flickr website has huge database of images which can be shared without any copyright strings (most of them). How about directly accessing and sending Flickr photos in emails created in Outlook

View Outlook statistics for users & email messages

OutlookStatView is a small utility that display statistics associated with Outlook email client on your computer. It shows different type of information which can be helpful in further analysis. For each user or email, following information is displayed: Number of outgoing messages

Twitter in Outlook, OutTwit hidden at work !

If you cannot get over Twitter addiction and use Microsoft Outlook on office computer all the time - then OutTwit application is for you. It allows you to remain Twitter addicted within Outlook application. You can perform basic Twitter chores within Outlook interface keeping every thing

Get Email attachment reminder in Outlook 2007

We send lot of emails with attachment files like Word documents, images, mp3 and video files. Gmail already got 'Email attachment detector'feature that reminds you to attach files to specific emails. Now you have similar functionality in Outlook 2007 with the help of Missing Attachment

View, save & delete Outlook attachments easy way

OutlookAttachView is a handy utility that scans and display list of attachments in Outlook on your computer. From one interface you can view all attachments and further copy - save selected attachments. You can also delete specific attachments like large attachments taking lot of disk

Send large email attachments from Outlook via Acrobat

Ideally, YahooMail will not process emails with attachment over 10MB while Gmail can handle email attachments upto 20MB. Also, when email attachment size is large, there is no guarantee of email being successfully delivered. Well, you can easily over come this and send emails with huge

Put Outlook Calendar on desktop for easy access

Do you want to access your Outlook calendar all the time and don't want to click on maze of windows to see it? Well, here is a simple alternative - you can place fully functional Outlook calendar on the desktop and eliminate any need for click to see calendar contents. Outlook on

Recover password of Outlook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk

There are times, we enter the password click on remember password button. While that application still remembers the password and allows you to login - we tend to forget it. Mail PassView is an excellent utility to recover passwords in such situation. This utility can extract username

Read blocked Outlook attachments, just unblock them

Microsoft Outlook blocks number of attachments based on different file formats for security reasons. By default it block files of different formats or extensions like .exe, .url, .reg files. At times, you need to read or access those files and even forward them to your friends using